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Information security in 2022: threats, trend and prevention

Information security in 2022: threats, trend and prevention

Learn how to protect your digital devices, such as your phone and laptop, as well as the principles of using anything labeled “digital.”

What you’ll learn

Information security in 2022: threats, trend and prevention

  • Define the threats posed by cybercrime.
  • How to keep your personal phone and computer safe.
  • How to change the security settings for your e-mail
  • Apps for sending secure communications
  • To be aware of current cyber developments.


  • No prior experience is required.


Everything in our lives is digitally linked, and digital literacy is a must. Even basic instructions on how to use a SIM card or phone, as well as how to establish an e-mail with a secure password, are available. I’ll attempt to provide some cyber security tips on how to safeguard your personal devices, such as phones and computers. It’s crucial to understand how fraudsters steal personal information from devices by infecting them with viruses. It’s also important to understand what rewards fraudsters want. Basic guidelines for keeping your digital expertise up-to-date It’s important to understand the significance of your e-mail address as well as a strong password as a means of securely securing personal information.

How to interact safely using apps, given that not all of them provide complete privacy. Anti-cybercriminal phone settings Using computer security regulations All of the above course descriptions will provide you with a different perspective on security and data protection. Why is it vital to complete all standards in virtual life? They are simple, but it’s not apparent why they aren’t being used in our day-to-day activities. There are several ways to protect yourself against cyberattacks, and this course will teach you how simple it is to do so.

Who this course is for:

  • Users of mobile phones and computers

Information security in 2022: threats, trend and prevention

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