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HEARThrive – Module 4 – Exercise For Heart Health – Free Udemy Courses

HEARThrive – Module 4 – Exercise For Heart Health – Free Udemy Courses

Exercise Every Day to Keep Heart Disease Away

What you’ll learn

HEARThrive – Module 4 – Exercise For Heart Health – Free Udemy Courses

  • Learn reasons why exercise can benefit your heart health.
  • Learn what exercises to do to optimize your heart health.
  • Learn how much time to dedicate to exercise and ways to be more efficient so that you can reap the benefits in less time.
  • Learn other ways that you can benefit from exercise, including better metabolic health, aging well, improved mental state and sleep, and more.


  • You can exercise to benefit your health which has no special requirements, but if you plan to increase your exertion you should first consult with your doctor.


Do you worry that your heart health might be compromised because you never exercise? That is a legitimate concern. Do you wish you could get into the habit of doing regular exercise but never seem to get around to it? In Module 4 of HEARThrive, the focus is on getting you motivated to do exercise. The wonderful thing is that you don’t need to do a lot of exercise to reap some important benefits. You will see many examples demonstrating how to do a variety of exercises and avoid the boredom factor.

You can work more movement into your daily life and you don’t need to use any special equipment. You will discover the many hidden health benefits of doing some exercise regularly. Imagine reducing your risk of heart disease or stroke, lowering your blood pressure, lowering your risk of chronic disease including diabetes, feeling happier and more upbeat, being physically stronger and able to do things you enjoy, sleeping better, lowering your future risk of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s, and living longer and healthier into your senior years.  Knowing all the benefits you can achieve with exercise will inspire you to get active and stay active for the rest of your life.

Who this course is for:

  • Most people can benefit from adding physical activity to their lifestyle. It’s never too late to begin so don’t let age or your present body condition stop you. Get inspired with the HEARThrive program.

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