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Solid Edge Simulation – Finite Element Analysis – Free Udemy Courses

Solid Edge Simulation – Finite Element Analysis – Free Udemy Courses

FEA Simulation using Solid Edge CAD Software

What you’ll learn

Solid Edge Simulation – Finite Element Analysis – Free Udemy Courses

  • Learn what is Finite Element Analysis (FEA), the different types of studies that can be run in Solid Edge, and how to set up a basic FEA study.
  • Apply FEA concepts to real-world examples.
  • Review and comprehend the analysis results from the study.
  • Understand how to modify and optimize the models to get better study results.


  • Before starting this course you will need to download the free academic version of the Siemens Solid Edge software. You will need a decent PC to run the software – a modern graphics card and a minimum of 8GB of RAM are recommended.

  • Basic Solid Edge CAD skills are recommended for this course as FEA studies require users to have a CAD model. In this course, CAD models will also be provided for convenience.


This course will introduce users to the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Simulation capabilities in Solid Edge CAD software from Siemens. Users will start with the introduction to Simulation, background, and why it is so useful to have Simulation skills or capabilities. The first unit will conclude with an overview of the basic workflow involved in setting up and running a successful simulation study. The second unit will introduce users to the basics of the Simulation User interface in Solid Edge and all the aspects involved with setting up a simulation study including the Simulation Pane and study status, materials assignment, Geometry, and Meshes.

Next users will learn about the basics of as well as the different types of Loads and Constraints used in Solid Edge. Loads are the forces acting on the body in the study and constraints are the restricting parameters on that said body.  Any course is incomplete without the use of real-world examples so users will be able to view the simulation capabilities applied to real-world examples such as stress on an I-beam, pressures in a tank, torque on a mower hub, etc. Not only will users be working with single-part models but assembly models as well in Solid Edge. They will also learn how to optimize models for easier and quicker simulation results. Finally, users will learn how to modify and reuse studies for creating multiple simulation studies quickly.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for users who would like to learn the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis and apply them using Siemens Solid Edge CAD software.

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