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The New Testament was Written in Aramaic – Free Udemy Courses

The New Testament was written in Aramaic – Free Udemy Courses

Aramaic as the original language of the New Testament

What you’ll learn

The New Testament was written in Aramaic – Free Udemy Courses

  • Learn about the Aramaic version of the New Testament
  • Learn how the Catholic church adopted the Greek Scriptures
  • Learn the theory that Paul’s letters were originally written in Aramaic
  • Notes on the Kabbalah


  • There are no requirements for this course


This course will demonstrate the theory that the New Testament was written in Aramaic. The Aramaic New Testament was put together in 150 CE, while the Greek New Testament was not assembled until 1515 CE. This is a stimulating examination of the original language of the New Testament. The words of Jesus are not difficult when you read them in Aramaic. The Catholic-Protestant church, with most academia pushed the Koine Greek version of the New Testament. So much is lost when the New Testament is not read in Aramaic You may not agree with the theory being presented and that’s OK. If you want to increase your understanding of the Bible, you need to question everything! When the New Testament is read in Aramaic, the idioms and figures of speech of Jesus’ day are revealed. Modern translation committees often ignore the idioms or try to change them into today’s idioms. That is not acceptable to the disciple who wants to learn the original meaning of the Scripture. Many windows will open to you that will lead to deeper discipleship to Jesus Christ. There will be courses offered using Aramaic as the base language for understanding Paul’s letters, the Gospel of John, and Luke.

Who this course is for:

  • The biblical student who has an open mind and wants to discover the original language and meaning of the New Testament

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