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PHP MySQL Master from Scratch with Projects Course

PHP MySQL Master from Scratch with Projects Course

Become Expert in PHP MySQL Programming

What Will I Learn?

PHP MySQL Master from Scratch with Projects Course

  • Design and Build a Web Application

  • Become Expert in PHP ,MySQL, HTML ,CSS


  • Latest Wamp Server (Freeware)
  • Atom Source Code Editor (Freeware)
  • Google Chrome and Firefox (Freeware)
  • Sincere for Learning


In this course. You will learn

PHP MySQL Master from Scratch with 10 Projects

. I use PDO (PHP Data Objects). Also, I explain to work with MySQLi. No Doubt You will get to know everything about from the beginning level to advanced.

Course Outline for PHP MySQL 10 projects in

this Course. Don’t need to learn basic from others. I teach from the beginning level. I cover everything step by step. As students can improve their skills.

Software Installation

Learn in detail about how to install the software. We also check PHP code on the server. We cover this with the First PHP program. It is simple code as echo “Hello World”. Displaying a message on a web browser for test the server works fine.

Improve your Basic for Upcoming Projects

  • Pass Information from Form
  • Use PHP Coding over forms.
  • PHP Conditions (If Else)
  • PHP Function (SUM and Square)
  • Work with Form
  • Password Generator
  • Number Generator (For Loop)
  • Create MySQL Database with PHPMyAdmin
  • Use of Queries

Project 1: Sign-in Sign-up Sign-out

  • Install Database into PHPmyAdmin and Connect to Server
  • Sign up (Validate and Register a Member)
  • The Sign-in (Sign in Member with Username & Password)
  • Sign out (Redirect Index Page).

Project 2: Add Members Update and Delete

Project 3: Page Navigation Search Records and Contact Us Form

In Conclusion

I hope you Enjoyed and learn more and more. Wish you all the best Good Luck.

Who is the target audience?

PHP MySQL Master from Scratch with Projects Course

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