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Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Four

Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Four

Part Four: Keyframes, Speed Effects, Effect Masks, and Shape Masks on Footage, Compounds, Storylines, and Auditions

What you’ll learn

Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro: Part Four

  • Learn how every control works in Final Cut Pro
  • Utilize shortcuts to speed up your editing workflow
  • Discover tools in Final Cut Pro that can save time and effort
  • Master the entire Final Cut Pro workflow: Import, Export, and everything in-between
  • Adapt and solve common issues that arise while editing videos
  • Expand your vocabulary with valuable terms used in the video editing world


  • No experience is required. This course is meant for all video editors from absolute beginners to seasoned editors.


Welcome to our Comprehensive Guide to Final Cut Pro! Whether you’re just starting, or you’ve been editing videos for years, our bite-sized tutorials will teach you the fundamentals of this revolutionary software.

In an increasingly digital world, video editing is an amazing skill for any creator to have in their arsenal. Final Cut Pro is one of the best video editing packages for creating small clips for multi-million dollar movies, and it’s available for a reasonable price to anyone with a Mac.

In Part Four, we’ll cover how to create simple animations with keyframes, smooth keyframe paths, copy and paste keyframes, modify multiple keyframes, adjust fade handles for keyframed effects; how to speed up or slow down clips, create variable speed changes, preserve pitch on retimed audio clips, add speed transitions, reverse, rewind, or add instant replays, create jump cuts or hold segments, and create super smooth slow motion; add a shape or color mask, animate an effect shape mask, and combine multiple effect masks; how to create simple or complex shape masks, add or move control points, edit Bezier or B-Spline control points, how to use mask controls, and how to animate a mask; how to create and edit compound clips, how to add and use storylines, and how to create and edit auditions.

Once you’ve finished Part Four, check out Part Five, in which we’ll cover Clip Roles, Captions, Organizing Libraries, and how to Export Projects in Final Cut Pro.

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Who this course is for:

  • Video Editors or anyone looking to begin using Final Cut Pro or expand on their current knowledge.

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