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Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Professional

Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Professional

professional in the field of cyber-threat detection.

What you’ll learn

Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Professional

  • To be an excellent threat hunter, you’ll need the right mentality and talents.
  • How to carry out simple threat hunting
  • How to set up environments for threat hunting, from the most basic to the most advanced.
  • Recognize the different techniques for danger hunting.
  • Recognize the Threat Hunting Loop and the Threat Hunting Products.


  • The student must have a basic understanding of network and information security.
  • A basic grasp of programming or scripting-querying abilities is required.


This course is about

Learn how to build the skills and mentality needed to become a professional danger hunter in the field of cybersecurity.


Are you attempting to make a career change in IT or cybersecurity? Then this course will help you choose a cybersecurity field in which you can further your knowledge.

This training is also good for people who already work in cybersecurity and want to get a better idea of what threat hunting is all about.

Because you will gain skills that may help a business become more secure in its operations, this course can help you enhance your chances of securing your first cybersecurity job.

This course is intended for aspiring or entry-level cybersecurity professionals.

What you’ll learn


What is threat hunting and what is its main goal?

What is the purpose of threat hunting?

Do you know what danger hunting pose?

What is the purpose of Threat Hunting?

Characteristics of a Successful Threat Hunter

What does it take to track down a threat?

Threat hunting terms are defined as

Loop of Threat Hunting

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Threat Hunter?

Successful Hunting Techniques for

What makes threat hunting so successful?

Threat hunting is a method of detecting threats.

Hypothesis Testing and Hypothesis Sources

7 Tips for Successful Threat Hunting


Threat Identification

Tools and Products for Threat Hunting

Demonstrate a potential danger in a hunting situation.

Threat Attack Indicators (IoC)

A system monitor and an event viewer are used to demonstrating a basic threat search.

Section 3

The next stages are in honing your threat-hunting abilities.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for those who are already knowledgeable about cybersecurity and wish to specialize in threat hunting.
  • This course is also intended for regular IT professionals who wish to get a basic grasp of what goes into high-level threat hunting.

Cybersecurity Threat Hunting Professional

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