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Three key black box testing techniques

Three key black box testing techniques

In 2022, a new edition was released. Enhance your equivalence partitioning, boundary value, and decision table testing abilities.

What you’ll learn

Three key black box testing techniques

  • In-depth understanding of three software testing approaches.
  • Testing is done by hand.
  • The most common approaches to specification-based testing.
  • A methodical technique for creating tests based on the requirements of the user narrative.
  • Testing in a black box


  • The Basic

    understanding of software testing.
  • The Capacity to decipher system specifications


This course will help you get a better understanding of the three most commonly used software testing approaches. In addition, the course will assist you in preparing for ISTQB tests. It focuses on a certain section of the curriculum. The practical usefulness of the course is its most significant aspect.

It may be challenging for total novices in the software testing field, but it may also help established testers/QAs or developers who are writing tests for their code enhance their skills.

So frequently, automated tests (e.g., unit tests, API tests) and manual tests are found to be either not employing separate methodologies or not applying them appropriately, resulting in a loss of test quality and a failure to meet the intended amount of test coverage. This course will close the gap between the primary testing approaches and the reasoning behind each test case after taking this course. The more you know about testing procedures, the easier it is to plan tests, like how many tests you need and how much money and time you need.

The information presented here is tool-independent. As a result, whether you’re using TestComplete, Katalan Studio, Selenium, or Appium, it’ll work for you.

This course will assist you in achieving the following objectives:

  • The ability to choose the most relevant test procedure based on logic;
  • Having the ability to include adequate test coverage into automated tests


Who this course is for:

  • QA, system analysts, testers, software developers

Three key black box testing techniques

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