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Introduction to Intelligence – Free Udemy Courses

Introduction to Intelligence – Free Udemy Courses

Gain an insight into the intelligence industry & learn the elementary intelligence terms and concepts

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Intelligence – Free Udemy Courses

  • You will understand and be able to explain what intelligence and intelligence analysis is
  • You will understand and be able to explain what the intelligence process and the role of intelligence is is
  • You will understand commonly used intelligence vernacular and jargon
  • You will be able to identify how intelligence is used in everyday life
  • You will learn about the different industries and organizations that utilize intelligence
  • You will learn about real-life examples of intelligence being used in the past


  • No prior requirements – this course is intended as an introduction and assumes no prior knowledge or experience


In Key Definitions, I will teach you the key terms and concepts that you need to understand to get the most out of our more advanced intelligence courses, and go on to become a skilled intelligence practitioner! Here you will learn:

– The definition of intelligence and intelligence analysis;

– What the Role of Intelligence is;

– What the Intelligence Process is;

– The definition of terms commonly used in the intelligence industry;

– The relationships and differences between the terms Data, Information, and Intelligence; and

– The characteristics and uses of the most commonly produced intelligence products

Who this course is for:

  • People consider intelligence as a career
  • Intelligence analysts looking to brush up on their knowledge
  • Intelligence trainers looking for course ideas
  • Those with an interest in intelligence through an interest in other subjects, such as history or the military
  • People with no interest in pursuing a career in intelligence, but who want to increase their effectiveness in their current role

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