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Learn Linux Security – Working with Permissions

Learn Linux Security – Working with Permissions

When it comes to managing Linux permissions, go from being a novice to being an expert.

What you’ll learn

Learn Linux Security – Working with Permissions

  • Take the time to learn how the Linux Access Control Model is set up.
  • People should know how permissions are calculated and set.
  • Learn how to manage Linux security through the command line.
  • Make sure you know how to give permissions to different types of users, groups, and other people.
  • Learn how to use both the command line and the Desktop UI to manage permissions.


  • IT skills that aren’t too advanced


If you want to learn more about how Linux File Permissions work, read on!

People who take this class will learn how to control access and file permissions on Linux systems in order to keep them safe. Learn how Linux uses permissions to keep people from getting into things in a multi-user setting. You need to know permission management if you work with Linux security. If you do, you need to know it inside and out. You can go from being a novice to becoming an expert.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Calculate the number that shows how much permission you have.
  • Use the standard read, write, and execute permissions to let people in.
  • Understand the difference between the owner, the group, and everyone else.
  • Learn how to change who owns a file.
  • Work with the groups you belong to.
  • Learn how to give or take away permissions.
  • People who work with permissions should read this.
  • Get more information on how to use the desktop UI to manage permissions.
  • And much more…

What you can do after class:

The following are some examples of permissions and real-world examples.

In this section, we will show you how to manage permissions from the command line.

– A look at how permissions are managed through the desktop UI.

Most lessons also show you how permissions work in real life, so you can see them in action. You can start learning how to protect your Linux computer by taking this complete course on Linux Permissions right now!

Who this course is for:

  • All Levels