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Discover your WHY in life – Free Udemy Courses

Discover your WHY in life – Free Udemy Courses

Find your WHY and have a reason to LIVE more purposefully and meaningfully

What you’ll learn

Discover your WHY in life – Free Udemy Courses

  • Be clear on their WHY that will drive and ground them.


  • Just a desire to become better in life


Discover your WHY

Your WHY, your big reason for living and existing gives you a purpose and grounds you. Imagine you were a sailor on the uncharted seas without a MAP. That’s what your life is without a WHY!!!

Ignite your




, and your


and realize all of the amazing possibilities that exist within YOU! Together with me let’s explore them, and bring your personal and professional ambitions to life – let’s make them extraordinary – and design and create exactly what it is that you truly want in your life or business. Like health, wealth, clarity, balance, happiness, prosperity, and a celebration of success to name a few … all grounded in your POWER, your essence, and your TRUTH.

The course curriculum covers the following:-

1. What is a WHY?

2. Why does everyone need a WHY in their lives?

3. Our mind

4. The conscious and subconscious mind

5. Both minds working together

6. Visualisation Exercise

7. Mindsets and their limitations

8. Simple meditation exercise to find your WHY

9. Insights and power words

10. How to write your WHY statement

11. Sample WHY statements

12. Your personal WHY journal.

Be the person you aspire to be today, and stand in your authenticity … most amazingly!

Imagine what you can accomplish when you identify what you truly want, and then reveal your true authentic self to achieve it. I will connect you to your destiny path with clarity, inspiration, encouragement, momentum, and enrichment. Learn to do things easier, better, faster, and have more fun!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone lost and needs some direction on where to go

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