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12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022)

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022)

Find the best free web host to start your website.

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022)

Often, we get emails from readers who want to know if there is a way to get free website hosting. It’s true. It is important to remember that not all free things are the same.

In this article, we’ll look at the best free (and almost free) website hosting services, and we’ll look at their pros and cons.

What is the “Truth” about Free Website Hosting?

It has become the most important thing you can do to get your message out there. However, when you start out, you might not want to spend money on making a website.

Most people want something fast, easy, and free.

You can find a lot of companies that give you free space to put your website on. Because you should know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Everyone has a catch.

It costs a lot of money to run a web hosting service.

To stay in business, free website hosting providers need to make money somewhere else or they will go out of business.

These things are how they do it: They put ads on your website, limit how many people can visit, cause downtime, lock you in, and/or try to sell you more of their services. You might not be happy with some of the ads that show up. They might even show your competitor’s ad.

It’s almost never a good idea to use free web hosting except for a test site. If you run a business, free websites aren’t a good idea.

It’s not like you don’t have much money.

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022)

Whether you work for a non-profit or you want free website hosting for students, there are a lot of places to get it. There is an answer for you in this article.

Our job is to point out all the small print, so you can make the right choice.

Every free website hosting company on our list says that you can keep your site for free as long as you want to keep it. Even so, we strongly suggest that anyone who is serious about their website think about using a cheap web hosting service that has a lot of features for little money.

There are a lot of shared hosting companies that will give you everything you need for just $2.75 to $5 a month.

That’s almost free, because you’ll make a lot of money from your website.

Paying a small fee allows you to get help from experts and get better service. Finally, it gives you full control and ownership of your website. The best thing about this is that you can choose not to show any ads on your website and keep it completely ad-free so that your users have the best experience possible.

The best almost-free web hosting companies are out there, so let’s look at some of them first. After that, we’ll look at some of the best free web hosts.

The best value “almost-free” web hosting

A good place to start a small business’s website is with these providers, who are well-known.

There are some that WordPress, and other big companies have even made official recommendations for. They have shown that they have a high level of quality and service.

If you want to make money from your website, then we suggest that you start with one of these five providers when you start your website.

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022)

1. Bluehost

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - bluehost

If you want to set up a website, Bluehost is one of the best places to do it. They are a company that is officially recommended for WordPress hosting.

For New users who sign up, they will give them their own domain name, and they will give them 63% off their web hosting. If you want to start for $2.75 a month, you can.

Hosting plans from them come with free branded email addresses, unlimited disk space, a free SSL certificate, one-click WordPress installation, and many other things.

Add-ons like site builder and Cloudflare CDN can be added to your account from their control panel. SEO tools and other powerful website features can also be added to your account.

Personal websites, small business websites, and blogs can all be made with Bluehost, and it’s a good choice.

2. SiteGround

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - siteground

Siteground is a good alternative to free website hosting, and it’s also a good one. They are known for their great customer service and speedy work. SiteGround is also a WordPress hosting company that is officially recommended by WordPress.

They are giving New users up to a 63% discount on hosting. If you pay $6.99 a month, you can start right away.

SiteGround’s hosting plans come with a website builder, a 1-click installer for WordPress and Joomla, unlimited email accounts, SSD storage, and more. They also have better customer service.

In addition, they’ve made advanced website performance features like fast PHP and MySQL databases and plugins to make your site faster and safer.

SiteGround has data centers on four continents, and they promise that your site will be up 99.999% of the time.

SiteGround is great if you want to make your own website for your small business or store. They have VPS web hosting plans that can grow with your site, so you can get faster speeds and more space.

3. HostGator

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - hostgator

People use HostGator to host their websites. It is one of the best service providers. They’ve been around since 2002, and over time, they’ve grown to be one of the world’s biggest web hosts.

Their huge growth can be attributed to their low prices, reliable web hosting, and good customer service.

From $2.64 per month, their hatchling plan is good for a few weeks. This means that each plan comes with a free domain, unlimited subdomains, unlimited emails, free HTTPS / SSL, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited storage (disk space), and unmetered bandwidth.

If you get hosting, you’ll get a cPanel that comes with auto-installers for WordPress and other web-building programs, like Joomla!

4. DreamHost

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - dreamhost

In 1997, DreamHost was one of the first web hosting companies. They have more than 1.5 million websites that they host now.

Their first plan costs $2.59 a month. It comes with a free domain name, free domain privacy, free SSL, unlimited emails, 1-click installers for popular website builders, and more. It also comes with a lot of other things.

5. Hostinger

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - hostinger

One of the free website hosting companies is Hostinger, and it costs money to use. They have shared hosting plans that are great for making a simple website.

You can start for about $1.99 a month. A $2.99 starter plan comes with a free domain name and business email addresses. It also allows you to make 100 websites and install CMS software like WordPress with just one click.

The best free web hosting sites that you can use.

When it comes to website hosting, free is always a good deal, but it’s never enough. This is why we have chosen the best free website hosting sites for you to start with, so you can get going right away.

There are no fees for you to use these hosting sites at all.


12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - WordPress is a popular free hosting service that gives you a different type of WordPress. Not to be confused with, which is the home of the well-known self-hosted website builder, WordPress. This is not the same thing.

You can get a subdomain, 3 GB of storage, and free website templates from for free if you sign up for a free plan.

This plan is free and shows ads on your website. You can pay for their paid plans to get rid of ads, use your own domain name, and use more features. At that point, any of the “almost free hosting” services we talked about above are the best choice for your site.

7. Wix

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - Wix

Wix is another fully-hosted website builder that gives you free hosting for your website.

Most free web hosting services show ads and branding on your free site to make money. To get rid of it, you can pay for their paid plans.

All of these things are included in the free plan. You’ll get a free subdomain on as well as access to website templates and 500 MB of storage space and bandwidth.

8. Weebly

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - Weebly

You can also use Weebly, which is another popular free site builder. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop builder and ready-made templates that you can use to make a website.

Their free plan comes with a Weebly subdomain, 500 MB of storage, and Weebly ads. You can pay for their paid plans to get rid of ads, get more storage, and use more of their tools.

9. GoDaddy Website Builder

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - Godaddy Website Builder

There are a lot of people who use GoDaddy to buy domain names and host websites.

It’s called GoDaddy website builder, and it’s a drag and drop website builder with ready-made themes. It comes with a 30-day free trial. After that, you can pay for one of their paid plans, which start at $5.99 a month.

10. Squarespace

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - squarespace-logo

People use Squarespace to make websites because it doesn’t require any technical skills to make them. It has beautiful professional templates and an easy-to-use drag and drop system.

For a limited amount of time, they give you free website hosting. If you do this, you can use their website builder to see what it can do. This means that unless you pay for a plan, your website won’t be seen by anyone else.

People who want to pay start at $12 a month. For each plan, you get a free domain name. You also get unlimited bandwidth, storage space, and ready-made website templates.

11. Google Cloud Hosting

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) -Google Cloud Logo

Google has a lot of free web hosting options for small businesses and students. A top company like Google would have all the powerful tools that you’d expect from a good one, like this.

Because their plans are based on how much you use them, it’s easy for students to start. As a new customer, Google gives you $300 in credit, which is enough for one year. If you’re just looking for a free website hosting service for your test sites, this should be enough.

To host any kind of website, you can use the Google Cloud service. They even have WordPress on Google Compute Engine, so you can use it.

12. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022) - Aws Logo

There are a lot of well-known websites that use Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS. AWS helps them run. If you run a small business, it might not be easy to use, but it’s a good platform for students and developers who are just starting to work on their own projects.

On Amazon’s AWS Free Tier, you can get 12 months of free and always free products. This is one of the best free web hosting services for testing sites.

It is possible for students to use Amazon’s powerful platform to learn and improve their skills in the field.

12 Best Free Website Hosting Compared (2022)

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