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RxJava Master Class with MVVM for Android Development Course

RxJava Master Class with MVVM for Android Development Course

learn Android Reactive programming using RxJava, RxAndroid and Kotlin with Retrofit and Android Architecture components

What you’ll learn

RxJava Master Class with MVVM for Android Development Course

  • Build Real Android Apps using RxJava and Kotlin Programming Language
  • Build Android Apps Using MVVM and Android Architecture Components
  • Learn RxJava Main Components and Different categories of Operators
  • Master RxJava Subjects
  • Integrate Retrofit with RxJava for Networking Tasks
  • Implement Data Caching with RxJava ,Room and Repository Pattern


  • have experience in android development
  • have basics of Kotlin Programming language


Hi my friends,

welcome to RxJava Master Class : Learn RxJava for  Android Development .This course designed for android developers with no experience in RxJava and basics knowledge in Kotlin and want to use it in their code.


I am Mahmoud Ramadan ,I am software engineer with 6 years experience in Android Development.I have developed many Android Apps like chatting, video calling, augmented reality and events based apps.I use RxJava daily in my work and I will help you to master it with RxAndroid to be better Android Developer

By end of this course you will learn the following:

  • RxJava Basics
  • Learn RxJava Creation Operators
  • RxJava Filtering Operators
  • Learn RxJava Combining Operators
  • RxJava Transformation Operators
  • Learn RxJava Subjects
  • RxJava with Retrofit
  • Learn RxJava Error handling
  • RxJava with MVVM Design pattern
  • Learn RXJava with repository Design Pattern
  • RxJava with Android Architecture components Like ViewModel,LiveData and Room DataBase

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