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Blogging with blogger & Adsense approval : Passive income

Blogging with blogger & Adsense approval : Passive income

Blogging with blogger and fast Adsense approval. Create a free blog and earn online via Adsense. Learn all about Adsense

What you’ll learn

Blogging with blogger & Adsense approval : Passive income

  • Learn to create a free blog website and earn online money through it. Earn passive income through Adsense through a blog website.

  • Free blog creation via Blogger and learn about Adsense Site Approval in detail and full info. All points and requirements for a website to get Adsense Approved

  • Earn via Adsense, check your website now to is it ready for Adsense Approval. Get Fast Adense Site Approval now.

  • Mainly for students or individuals who want to earn passive income i.e. online earning through a Blog via Adsense. All about Blogging and Adsense in detail.


  • No programming experience is needed.


The course provides full details about Blogging and Google Adsense earning. Checklist of Adsense Imp. points, create a free blog now, and get fast Adsense approval now. Earn Passive income via a free blog. Learn blogging with Blogger and earn by placing ads by Google on your blog.

What is a blog and how do blogging? Why is it important? How to use Blogger to create a free blog and how Blogger benefits you as a blogging platform of Google. –Blogging is now a profession that is being opted for by many all over the world as this modern world is now dependent on World wide web for daily information and knowledge. So, this course will make you learn about it i.e. Blogging.

Getting fast Adsense Approval for your blogging website is now easy just follow this course and know all those points to remember and a checklist of those points which are very important for getting Fast Adsense Site Approval. The course has provided all the Important checks of a blog website which a blogger must do before and after applying for Adsense. The course will teach you about Blogger and how to create a free blog through it and earn via Adsense.

This course is for Passive Income and for those students or individuals who are looking for Passive income. This course is also dedicated to all those bloggers also who had been doing blogging and want Adsense approval for their blog website.

Who this course is for:

  • Students, individuals, professionals, oraganizations, wanting passive income, online earning via a free blog website
  • Students passed out from college or university looking for passive income.
  • Wants to learn Adsense site approval with blogger or wordpress in detail information, get fast Adsense Site approval now.

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