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Create your own NFT game in Unity from cero

Create your own NFT game in Unity from cero

Connect your Unity games to the world of crypto, and you can make them even better.

What you’ll learn

Create your own NFT game in Unity from cero

  • In Unity, make a simple 2D game that is linked to the blockchain.
  • There are two programs that let you make NFTs. You can import them into the game.
  • Make your own token and import it into Unity.
  • Using Metamask, you can connect simple blockchain functions to the game and make them work together.


  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever written code in Unity or used the blockchain. Even so, it’s better to have some idea of how the NFTs and cryptocurrency markets work, but it’s not the only thing you should know.
  • I can’t wait to start making games in Unity and connect them with virtual wallets like Metamask.


Cero will show you how to make a simple Flappy Bird game in Unity that can be linked to the blockchain.

You will create your own cryptocurrency that you can use in your game to buy and sell things. You will also be able to make and import NFT collections like the big NFT games as Axie Infinity do.

The course doesn’t teach you how to make a very complicated game in Unity. Rather, it’s about learning how to use Unity games to connect the world of cryptocurrencies with the world of cryptocurrencies.

It is then up to each student to take the courses on game programming so that they can make a great NFT game!

There are some people who like cryptography and games but have never written a line of code. This course could be a good start for them! There is no need for any previous experience.

There are a lot of different ways to manage virtual wallets like Metamask. You’ll also learn how to make smart contracts with the Solidity language.

If you already work with Unity, this course can help you learn how to use blockchain in your games.

both on the web and on mobile phones.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start making NFT games with the Unity platform and start making NFT games.

Create your own NFT game in Unity from cero

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