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Ten Things You Need to Know About Coaching – Free Udemy Courses

Ten Things You Need to Know About Coaching – Free Udemy Courses

Life and business coaching are made simple so that you can reach lifetime progress and personal success.

What you’ll learn

Ten Things You Need to Know About Coaching – Free Udemy Courses

  • Be aware of 10 important things about coaching, before getting a coach.
  • Know the difference between coaching and counseling.
  • Know how to choose a coach.
  • Know the right way to evaluate a coach.
  • Understand how exactly the coaching process works!
  • Be aware of the time you should wait, before seeing coaching magical results.
  • Know the true cost of coaching and If the health insurance pays for it!


  • No previous experience is required.

  • You only need to be determined and ambitious.


Do you want to reach


?! Do you want to know more about coaching and how it can have a

magical effect on your life ?!

Then this is your ideal course, as in this course we will know about


, know who is a

life coach

, what does he and how can he help you to reach your goals.


G. Scott Graham

, a career coach and

business coach in Boston

, Massachusetts. My practice, True Azimuth Coaching, has been featured in the Boston Globe, in addition to this, I’m a writer and each of my books has its style, tone, and point of view.

I’ll be glad to give you my experience and lighten up your way, through coaching.

Reaching success and making our dreams come true won’t come on its own, it comes as a result of

hard work and self-development


Therefore, we should always seek self-development and that’s by knowing more about coaching as

coaching, either life or business coaching

guides you, makes your way easier,

improves individual performance


helps identify and develop high potential employees


helps identify both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities and it also helps to motivate and empower individuals to excel.

In my course, you’ll be introduced to coaching in a very

simple, professional, and clear way

and at the end of the course, you’ll be able to understand coaching, know to choose and evaluate a life coach, know the duration of a session and be aware of the way you should use coaching to reach success.

This course is suitable for

all levels beginner, intermediate, and expert

as it starts from basics and conveys its message in a very simple and direct way!

So, get ready for







Who this course is for:

  • Every person, who is seeking success and wants to use coaching to reach it.
  • A person, who is curious about coaching and wants to know more about it.

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Ten Things You Need to Know About Coaching – Free Udemy Courses

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