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Fluid Mechanics – Basic mathematical derivations

Fluid Mechanics – Basic mathematical derivations

A first-level introductory course

What you’ll learn

Fluid Mechanics – Basic mathematical derivations

  • Understand the concepts in fluid statics

  • Infer the mathematical derivations and concepts confirming the field of fluid kinematics

  • Interpret the mathematical derivations of fluid dynamics

  • Develop an understanding of fluid flow measurement aspects


  • An understanding of mathematical calculus shall be helpful for the learners of this course


This introductory course in Fluid Mechanics deals with the basic concepts of fluid statics, fluid kinematics, fluid dynamics, flow measurement, and similitude. The first section introduces Fluid Statics to beginners.

Next to this in Section 3, the author derived the mathematical derivations for Bernoulli’s momentum equation and its applications for fluid flow in a pipe bend and the reaction of a fluid jet. The last section provides an insight into flow measurement and similitude with detailed mathematical derivations of orifice meter, venturi meter, pitot tube, hotwire anemometer, flow through nozzles, notches, and weirs.

A fundamental mathematical derivative approach is followed which helps the students to gain the fundamental concepts of the mechanics of fluids. A step-by-step and detailed derivation of the various mathematical formulae is traced in this introductory coursework on fluid mechanics. This course shall help undergraduate students prepare themselves for the basic assessment in the area of fluid mechanics. Overall, this course tastes better for beginners in the engineering graduate program.

Who this course is for:

  • This course suits better for the beginners of the engineering graduation program about the branches of mechanical, civil as well as electrical engineering.

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