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Java 11 OCP: Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Certification Course

Java 11 OCP: Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Certification Course

Mastering: Advanced Java Concepts

What you’ll learn

Java 11 OCP: Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Certification Course

  • Recognize and use Java functional programming methods such as streams and lambda expressions (including method references).
  • Learn about IO/NIO, localization, JDBC, generics, and collections, as well as other advanced Java topics.
  • 2. Understand the new Java 9, 10, and 11 topics, such as modules, private interface methods, annotations, and security.
  • Get the knowledge and abilities needed to pass the Oracle Java 11 OCP (1Z0-819) test.


  • Ideally, you have finished my Udemy Java 8 OCA (1Z0-808) Course (or any Java course). Lambda expressions are used to introduce this course.
  • Access to an IDE like IntelliJ, Eclipse, or Netbeans.
  • The best way to prepare for the Java 11 OCP certification would be to use Enthuware (which is great for MCQ training) at the same time.


The advanced Java principles covered in this course, up to and including the Java 11 OCP Certification, are taught in a methodical manner.

This course replaces my very well-liked Java 8 OCA (1Z0-808) Course. Because of this, the course begins with lambdas; as a consequence, it does not cover the basics of types, operators, or methods.

This course is more comprehensive than the Java 11 OCP Upgrade Exam (1Z0-817). To clarify, the 1Z0-817 test does not cover all of the concepts covered in this course (beyond the Java 8 OCA) for the Java 8 OCP (1Z0-809) certification. Therefore, if you already have a Java 8 OCA Certification (1Z0-808) and wish to upgrade to a Java 11 OCP, this course is ideal for you (1Z0-819). Prior qualification is not necessary to enroll in this course, however.

Numerous code examples are given to illustrate the idea of the issue and to help the reader understand it. I limit the mouse movement to a bare minimum and have detailed annotations on the videos to make it easier for the student to understand what I’m explaining. Since you can run the code and see what happens if you alter it, I’ve made all the code samples public. This is a terrific learning tool.

To give you some history, I have been a professor since 2002 and have just been teaching the OCA and OCP syllabi on behalf of a reputable software firm since 2013. Graduating students then take the company’s internal Java Certification test, which is modeled after Oracle’s. I am not aware of the inquiries they will have. It is a three-hour lengthy, rigorous test. If the outcomes hadn’t pleased the firm, I wouldn’t still be instructing on it now.

I like instructing, and this course incorporates all of my knowledge on how to explain complex Java ideas. Additionally, the Oracle Java Certification tests perfectly suit my keen attention to detail. I am happy that Enthuware included a link to my YouTube channel in its explanations.

Who this course is for:

  • Is anyone getting ready for the 1Z0-819) Java 11 certification test? For Java 8 OCA (1Z0-808) qualified individuals who have never taken the OCP test, this is the ideal solution.
  • Java-experienced software experts that seek to comprehend sophisticated Java subjects.
  • Students who desire to go beyond the basics of Java

Java 11 OCP: Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Certification Course