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Become A Forex Trader – Learn FX Trading (2022 Updated) – Free Udemy Courses

Become A Forex Trader – Learn FX Trading (2022 Updated) – Free Udemy Courses

How to Trade Online with Forex: Online Forex Trading Tutorial: Learn Online Trading FX: How To Trade Online Tutorial

What you’ll learn

Become A Forex Trader – Learn FX Trading (2022 Updated) – Free Udemy Courses

  • Be comfortable with trading FX
  • Execute trades with the knowledge of top global FX traders
  • Fix which is the best type of FX trading for you
  • Trade Forex confidently; know when to buy and when to sell
  • Execute proven profitable strategies knowing ahead of time how long they take, and how profitable they are
  • Trade at the right time in the most proven profitable forex currencies
  • Cut their losses with the discipline of a professional
  • Choose when to run profits and when precisely to pocket them
  • Free yourself from a PC and trade from smartphones and tablets


  • Be passionate and determined to learn


2022 Updated: How to be a Trader: Learn FX in Easy Steps: Learn to trade FX with confidence from a professional trader & Bloomberg TV presenter and educator

  • Over 100,000 people around the world have bought my books and attended my trading courses

  • Latest Update: 2020 based on user feedback –  more live trade examples, more step-by-step guides to strategies, audio-enhanced plus lots more resources added – enjoy!

This course is a

complete route map

for creating an online

forex trading income

. I’m going to show you exactly the


I have used

to win

competitions on Bloomberg TV and Financial Times and how I went from being a private investor like you to running my hedge fund.

Moreover, this course is

constantly updated

with bonus material and I will comprehensively answer your questions.

My Mission:


advanced teaching methodology

shaves hours off your learning time and shows you

exactly when to buy and sell

. After years of teaching and trading, I have


the approach to


your learning by

focusing on the practical essentials

and making it fun.

My mission is to

take your trading to the

next level


cut your learning curve

to the minimum using all the

latest educational techniques

combined with

my proven trading expertise



continual ongoing support,

you will join other

successful traders

in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take!

What you will learn:

We start by getting you up to speed and what the smaller trader can do to profit on the back of giant traders.


others have said

about my trading teaching style:

“Patel does it again – condenses and simplifies the world of investing into

an easy-to-understand indispensable handbook

.” James Bateman, Head of Marketing, ODL Securities

“The Online Trading CourseBook is the

best guide of its kind

to personal investing and will satisfy both the beginner and the professional”. Nathan Moss, Chief Operating Officer, Merrill Lynch HSBC

“Insights into online trading from

one of the leading authorities

in the field.”Craig Walling, Chief Executive, Charles Schwab Europe

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Who this course is for:

  • Those who are new to forex trading, or those who want to raise their levels of profitability
  • Anyone who has had a poor experience with poor educators, or non-professional traders who try to teach
  • Anyone who has been disappointed by poor-performing strategies which promised great returns
  • Someone looking for a second income or to make a career out of the trading
  • Someone who wants the insights of a professional trader with access to global FX hedge fund managers
  • Anyone who wants to be taught by a professional educator using advanced teaching techniques for accelerated learning
  • Anyone who knows that thanks to technology trading should no longer be about being stuck in front of a screen, but about mobility and being able to trade from a smartphone and tablet

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