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JavaScript Masterclass: Zero To Job Ready With 10 Projects

JavaScript Masterclass: Zero To Job Ready With 10 Projects

Learn JavaScript from Beginner to Advanced: Concepts, Coding Exercises, Quizzes, Assignments, and Projects | ES2023

What you’ll learn

JavaScript Masterclass: Zero To Job Ready With 10 Projects

  • Everything you need to become a JavaScript developer with basics to advanced concepts, how things work behind the scenes, and real projects

  • Understand fundamentals: variables, data types, control flow statements, loop, functions, and more…

  • Dive deep with Object-oriented Programming: classes, objects, constructors, inheritance, encapsulation, static keywords, getter & setter, etc.

  • Complex concepts like the ‘this’ keyword, closures, promises, async-await, etc.

  • Work with APIs to make the most of third-party data (such as News/Weather/Sports information)

  • Build real-world front-end applications with JavaScript (Task manager, budget tracker, kanban, quiz application, bookmark manager & more)

  • Modern tools for 2023: NPM, Babel, Webpack, Firebase, and more.

  • And a lot more!


  • Basics of HTML & CSS


Welcome to

JavaScript Masterclass


one single course to start your JavaScript journey as a

beginner step-by-step

. This course touches on every critical topic through concept explanation, documentation, and implementation. The entire system is designed for beginners with one goal in mind, to learn concepts and build JavaScript projects.

Throughout the course, we will explore the most important


topics step-by-step:

Fundamental Concepts:

  • Introduction
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Loops & Iteration
  • Control Flow
  • Expressions & Operators
  • Functions
  • More…

Intermediate Concepts:

  • DOM: Document Object Model
  • Regular Expressions
  • Array Methods
  • Dates & Times
  • Local Storage
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Error Handling & Exceptions
  • Modules
  • APIs

Advanced Concepts:

  • Event Loops
  • setTimeout & setInterval
  • Callbacks & Callback Hell
  • Promises
  • Async Await
  • Fetch API


  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Database: Firebase
  • External Libraries: Swiper JS
  • Deployment: Git, Github & Netlify——————

Why this course?

  • The complete course is focused on the concept learning approach, you learn every concept through a logical and visual learning approach.
  • Learn all important concepts most simply with

    examples and real-life projects

  • You just need basic HTML and CSS knowledge, we will cover everything

    step-by-step from scratch



After completing this course you will be ready

to work as an Intern, Fresher, or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything yourself! Most importantly you will be ready to divide deep with future practice and the hard-level questions of JavaScript.

Enroll now, I will make sure you learn the best about JavaScript.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn JavaScript
  • No previous programming knowledge required

JavaScript Masterclass: Zero To Job Ready With 10 Projects

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