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Soil erosion spatial modelling with RUSLE in ArcGIS software

Soil erosion spatial modelling with RUSLE in ArcGIS software

How to use geospatial tools to map soil loss per year for any study area: a step-by-step guide.

What you’ll learn

Soil erosion spatial modelling with RUSLE in ArcGIS software

  • In ArcGIS, you can make things.
  • The classification is done with the help of someone else.
  • NDVI.
  • The hydrologic analysis


  • This is the person who makes models.
  • The spatial analysis.

  • Soil erosion

  • It gets washed away by water
  • mapping out the space.


  • The choice is between a PC and a laptop.
  • It is called ArcGIS.
  • Internet.
  • Basic knowledge of ArcGIS is a plus.


With the help of this class, students will learn how to model soil erosion in any given study area with the RUSLE (Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation) model in the most popular GIS software out there. When we start the RUSLE model, I’ll show you what you need to do. I’ll also show you how to finish the model and get a soil erosion map of the area we’re studying.

The course is split up into six parts. R (soil erosivity), K (soil erodibility), LS (slope length), C (land use and land cover), and P (crop management) are the five factors that make up the model. There’s no need for the field data to be there. You only need the software and the internet to make the final map of soil erosion, so you don’t need much else.

As a student in this class, you will learn how to make a map of soil loss for any study area you want. You will use the most popular soil erosion model in the world to make the map. Having some knowledge of ArcGIS and geoinformatics is welcome, but not required.

Modeling is not the only thing you will learn in this class. You will also learn how to use tools like supervised classification and NDVI maps.

The course is very simple to follow and complete, and it doesn’t take long. Water erosion modeling is very important for a wide range of experts, from soil scientists and agricultural scientists to earth scientists and environmental scientists. This is because it helps them do their jobs better. Research on soil erosion spatial modeling is often a part of coursework at universities. This is also a part of bachelor and master theses.

Who this course is for:

  • Soil scientists are the people who study the soil and
  • Students who study earth science, geography, and master students
  • Scientists in ecology and agriculture
  • Farmers and students in environmental science
  • Students in the land management and GIS fields

Soil erosion spatial modelling with RUSLE in ArcGIS software

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