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Learn How to Book Commercial Voiceovers from an Industry Pro

Learn How to Book Commercial Voiceovers from an Industry Pro

Learn everything you need to know to become a successful Commercial Voice Over Actor!

What you’ll learn

Learn How to Book Commercial Voiceovers from an Industry Pro

  • How to Become a Professional Voiceover Artist

  • How to Build a DIY Recording Booth at Home

  • How to Record Voiceovers on GarageBand for Auditions and Bookings

  • How to make your own Voiceover Reel – even if you haven’t booked anything professionally yet

  • Commercial Voiceover Acting – learn about the Intention & Types of Commercials you will come across while auditioning

  • How to be Professional during at-home or in-studio recording sessions with Commercial VO clients

  • How to find an agent and how to represent yourself


  • Your voice! Everything else is suggested for this course but you can invest later on and do not need to buy equipment to take this course

  • You will need a Computer – I use an Apple MacBook Pro with the program GarageBand – there is a whole section and activities where the focus is on GarageBand and recording

  • You will need headphones

  • You will need a microphone — you can use your cell phone if it has voice recording ability, but you will eventually need to invest in a professional microphone for Voice Over work


Students will learn what it takes to become professional Voice-over Artists. You will learn how to effectively audition and break down audition scripts; learn how to build a DIY recording booth at home; how to create online profiles for Voice Over submission websites; how Commercial Voiceover recording sessions work and the keywords you need to know in the recording booth; how to make your own professional Voiceover reel; and how to get representation.

You don’t just need to have “a great voice” to be a successful and professional Voiceover actor. You need training and an understanding of this as a business. Yet, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems! As an industry pro myself, I want to teach you how to get your own foot in the door and take your voice-over career into your own hands! It can be accessible, you can work from home if you like, or you can put yourself out there and hit the pavement if you have representation.

After taking this course, you will walk away with confidence that you and anyone who takes the time to learn these skills can be a successful Voiceover Actors and make a living off of VO work! The beginning of your successful Voiceover business starts right now.

I hope you enjoy this class as much as I enjoyed teaching it!

You got this!

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in learning about voice-over work
  • All levels – Beginners to Advanced

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