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React Hooks – The Complete Course – Learn React Hooks

React Hooks – The Complete Course – Learn React Hooks

Learn React Hooks the new direct API of React to use concepts like props, state, context, refs, and lifecycle.

What you’ll learn

React Hooks – The Complete Course – Learn React Hooks

  • React’s Fundamental Composition Model
  • Hooks History: Motivation, Patterns They Replace
  • Simple, Complex, and Shared State Management
  • Thinking In Effects
  • Composing and Sharing Non-Visual Behavior
  • Sharing Hook Behavior with Class Components
  • Performance Considerations and Optimizations
  • Refactoring Class Components
  • Testing Hooks & Effects
  • Hooks under the Hood


  • It is most important to be comfortable with JavaScript and browser development.
  • Basic React experience


Level Up Your React Proficiency

This course is designed to take React to developers of any experience and level them up. We’ll deepen your fundamental understanding of React’s new Hooks – the most direct API to the React concepts you already know: props, state, context, refs, and lifecycle.

The most efficient way to hit the ground running with React Hooks.

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Launch & Course Content

FREE, till 1. September

Basic Hooks

  • use State
  • effect Hooks

$19.99, till 15. September

Basic Hooks

  • use Context

$29.99, till 1. October

Advanced Hooks I 

  • useReducer
  • useCallback
  • useMemo

$39.99, till 15. October

Advanced Hooks II

  • useRef
  • useLayoutEffect
  • useDebugValue
  • useImperativeHandle

$49.99, till 1. November

Custom Hooks

$59.99, till 15. November

Best Practices

$69.99, till 1. December

Refactor Class to Function Components

$79.99, till 15. December

Optimize Performance with hooks

$89.99 till 1.January

Testing with Hooks

Who is this course for?


If all you’ve done is the official React tutorial then you are ready for this course.

We’ll be starting from the fundamentals of React for rendering, composition, and UI updates and moving through to advanced use-cases. If you’re a React beginner It’s more important to be ready for this course to be comfortable with JavaScript and browser development. than with React.


If you’ve been working with React in production for a while and are looking to level up, this is it.

We’ll revisit the fundamentals of React and explore the power that hooks give you over your day-to-day code as well as your reusable abstractions.


If you’re a seasoned React developer, there’s no better way to get caught up on Hooks.

You’ll get priceless insights into how Hooks will help you build great abstractions for your team and what it means for your code. Finally, you’ll learn the vocabulary and use cases which will help you teach and lead your team to be successful with React in a Hooks world.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner React Developer
  • Intermediate React Developer
  • Export React Developer
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React Hooks – The Complete Course – Learn React Hooks

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