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Up and Running with WordPress and Woocommerce

Up and Running with WordPress and Woocommerce

Build Your eCommerce Store using WordPress and Woocommerce. Develop Theme to Integrate your Own Design, Setup Payments

What you’ll learn

Up and Running with WordPress and Woocommerce

  • Learn How to Build Your Online Store Website

  • Use WordPress and Woocommerce to Sell Products and Accept Online Payments

  • Build WordPress and Woocommerce Website and Make it How you want in Look and Feel

  • Adding Simple, Downloadable, and Variable Products

  • Add Coupon Codes and Setup Payments

  • Deep Understanding of Woocommerce Templates

  • Make Shopping Experience Great Using Awesome Plugins


  • This Course is Not Designed for Freshers. We won’t teach you Basic Website Design, Like HTML/CSS/JS or Even Server Side Language PHP. You should have a Basic Understanding of these. We’ll use Existing HTML/CSS/JS and Build a Fully Functional Online Store in WordPress with Woocommerce


In this course, we’re going to Learn What is


? What is


and How we can Use this Awesome Plugin to

Build Professional Online Stores

? We’ll start off with


Basics and Install and Setup


, then we’ll move on to the Adding Products, Setup Coupon Codes, and Payment Options. After that, we’ll move to the Exciting part where we’ll develop our front-end website. We start off with Basic

Theme Development

and then move on to the Advanced


Theming where We’ll Cover all


Pages. You’ll learn how to Build Your Own


Theme by Using and Modifying its

Core Templates

instead of Using Pre-made


Themes like




Themes. In the end, we’ll Install and Use Few Great


which take our Store to the Next Level.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is designed for Website Developers
  • Developers Who Want to Build Online Store using WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Build WordPress Theme and Style All Woocommerce Pages
  • Add and Configure Awesome Woocommerce Plugins to Take Your Store to the Next Level

  • YouTube Masterclass Course Free

Up and Running with WordPress and Woocommerce

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