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Firebase fundamentals – Free Udemy Courses

Firebase fundamentals – Free Udemy Courses

Learn how to make a site quickly without having to manage infrastructure

What you’ll learn

Firebase fundamentals – Free Udemy Courses

  • What Firebase is
  • How to use Firebase to make a site
  • How to set up a development environment
  • How to use Firestore, Cloud Functions, and Authentication


  • Have general development knowledge (this course won’t teach programming)

  • Have a cursory understanding of web development


This course will take you through some of Firebase’s main offerings: Authentication, Firestore, and Cloud Functions. There is a good mix of lecture content and walkthrough content; 34 minutes of content is a step-by-step guide on how you would set up a simple chat site with Firebase.

Code is included for the walkthrough and for integrating Twitch, an unofficially supported identity provider, with Firebase Authentication.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers looking to host a site or app without worrying about infrastructure

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