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Utilizing Technology for Petrophysical Analysis

Utilizing Technology for Petrophysical Analysis

A Fundamental Course in Petrophysical Interpretation, a Techlog

What you’ll learn

Utilizing Technology for Petrophysical Analysis

  • Make a technology project.
  • loading data and quality control.
  • When determining the shale’s volume,
  • Using reliable logs to determine the porosity and water saturation


  • Nothing extraordinary is needed. This program is intended for beginners (beginner level).


You will learn how to use Schlumberger Techlog Software to conduct necessary petrophysical analysis on real, reliable data in this course. This is often helpful for people who work in the oil and gas industry, as well as for recent college graduates and students taking a course on petrophysics and formation assessment.

  • Learn how to quickly examine the primary oil and gas sector software.
  • While practicing, use real-world project data.
  • Conduct a Petrophysical Analysis

After completing this program, students will be capable of

  • Create a project in technology.
  • loading data and quality control.
  • Calculating shale volume, porosity, and water saturation from excellent logs using petrophysical analysis

Who this course is for:

  • who want to master the fundamentals of Techlog
  • who want to improve their technological competencies.
  • Petroleum industry technical professionals that use and interpret well log data include Subsurface Geoscientists.
  • Who wants to utilize Techlog among graduate students?
  • Anyone interested in learning the fundamental concepts and procedures of seismic interpretation will find
  • Those who have just graduated in petroleum geoscience, geology, or geophysics and have a background in petrophysics or formation evaluation, as well as anybody else who is interested in learning more and pursuing a career in the oil and gas business,

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