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MOSFET :Foundation Course for Analog circuit Design

MOSFET :Foundation Course for Analog circuit Design

Build Analog Design Foundation

What you’ll learn

MOSFET :Foundation Course for Analog circuit Design

  • Importance of semiconductors

  • Device physics : Analog circuit design point of view

  • MOSFET Structure

  • MOSFET : DC bias equations

  • The MOSFET second order effects : Channel length modulation , Back Gate effect

  • MOSFET : Parasitic Capacitance in different region of operation

  • MOSFET parameters : RON ,rds , gm

  • Graphical and intuitive look at MOSFET parameters

  • Input and output characteristics of MOSFET

  • Small Signal model and sample examples


  • Some basic course on semiconductors ( review will be done in the course)


This course is a foundation for analog circuit design. Focus of the syllabus is to have an intuitive view of the device.

Circuit design in itself is a wide topic. It is not possible to cover all the analog circuit design essentials in a single course . Our attempt in this course is to build on each of these course and create advanced courses . So here we are with our first basic course of MOSFET and its theory for analog design.

Device physics of the MOSFET capturing the semiconductor theory is covered in the course.

To master circuit design concepts , it is necessary to first master the MOSFET and its theory.

Most of time , due to poor understanding of the MOS theory, designing complex circuits is not possible.

The goal of this course if to look at the graphical view and capture the intuition of the MOS theory .

Small signal modelling is needed to derive the small signal parameters . A sound understanding of modelling is essential.

In this course we will look at the modelling of MOSFET graphically and thereby solve some sample circuits.

This course will be a good refresher for Students who are preparing for interviews( Analog Circuit Design, VLSI ).

For professionals in circuit design this can be a good review.

Please do have a look at the sample videos before joining the course.

I look forward to welcome you all to the course. Happy learning .

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Analog circuit Design
  • Students having courses on Analog circuits
  • Anyone who is willing to learn the MOSFET fundaments and review the theory
  • students preparing for job interviews
  • Professionals in circuit design to refresh their fundamentals
  • Last updated 8/2021

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