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The Ultimate Guide in Becoming a SQL Server DBA

The Ultimate Guide in Becoming a SQL Server DBA

Everything you wanted to know about becoming a SQL Server DBA but was afraid to ask

What you’ll learn

The Ultimate Guide in Becoming a SQL Server DBA

  • At the end of this course, the student will have most of his/her questions answered as to what it takes to become a SQL DBA and the courses that will help them get a career in the SQL Server environment


  • All material such as SQL Server 2014, Windows Operating System 20112, and Virtual Box will be downloaded on a free and trial basis. All documentation will be provided. The student needs a desktop or a laptop


The primary purpose of this course is to give the student a sample of what the SQL Server administration is about, what are the requisites courses in becoming a SQL DBA, some guidelines as to what to expect from the job, and get some hands-on experience in installing and navigating through SQL Server management studio. The course will provide a summary of courses needed that will enable the student to prepare for the real-world IT industry.  These courses are SQL Administration part 1, SQL Administration part 2, SQL Administration part 3, SSRS part 1, SSRS part 2, Learn T-SQL, and SSIS. Collectively, it’s all that a SQL dba needs to secure a job.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to know what are the requisites to becoming a SQL DBA, what courses to take, what are the benefits of being an IT industry

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