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Simulating Real World Problems with Python

Simulating Real World Problems with Python

Learn, practice and master Python on real world projects. The fastest way from Beginner to Pro.

What you’ll learn

Simulating Real World Problems with Python – Free Course Site

  • Learn and master Python from scratch
  • Learn how to write fast and efficient Code
  • Practice Coding with instructed and interactive exercises.
  • Learn how to solve complex real world problems step by step
  • Apply Python simulation techniques to your own projects
  • Experience and understand the Power of Numpy
  • Visualize your results with Matplotlib


  • No requirements. You should have a Computer and Internet Connection.


Become a Python Programmer and acquire one of today´s most requested skills!This course is designed to make the first steps in Python for complete Beginners very easy. Everything is explained. From installation to the first lines of Code until more complex concepts.After we have successfully completed the first steps, we will leave easy toy examples and move to more complex real world projects. There is no better way to learn and master coding than with real and comprehensive projects!

Learning by doing is always the best way to learn to code. Therefore, I have prepared instructed and interactive coding exercises and quizzes. You will have the opportunity to start coding on your own with some hints and instructions from my side.
The course covers two real world problems that we are going to simulate in order to find the best strategies:

Sticker Album challenge: Find the most efficient strategies to complete your Football World Cup Album / Trading Cards collection!

Princess Challenge: Help the Princess to find her one and only Prince Charming!

This course is about solving problems with thousands or even millions of simulations. So, efficiency and speed are of the essence! If you find a faster code, join the competition and post it!

We will apply Machine Learning Algorithms and also Graphical Solutions to find the best strategies.

Simulating Real World Problems with Python Course

This course covers in particular:

-Data Types (Integers, Floats, Strings, Lists, Sets, Booleans, Numpy Arrays)

-Operators (Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical)

-if, elif, else statements

-for and while loops

-User defined Functions

-Numpy Package (Arrays, Random, Ufunc, Regression, Taylor Expansion)

-Vectorized coding with Numpy Arrays

-Evaluating Speed difference between basic Python code and vectorized Numpy code

-Visualization with matplotlib

Join the course and start building and improving your Python Coding skills!

Who this course is for:

  • For complete Beginners as it starts from Zero with all the Python basics.
  • For experienced Pythonists who want to sharpen and apply their skills.

Simulating Real World Problems with Python Course

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