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Python Automation for Everyone || Learn Python 3 Course Site

Python Automation for Everyone || Learn Python 3 Course Site

Python for beginners | Python Fundamentals | Learn Essential piece of Python using Labs | Python Programming | Python 3

What you’ll learn

Python Automation for Everyone || Learn Python 3 Course Site

  • Learn Python from scratch ( no prior experience required )
  • Design and Implement scalable automation solutions using Python
  • Add Python 3 to your resume
  • Learn underlying concepts of Python
  • Ability to use Python’s inbuilt data structures in your programs
  • Write your Python Functions
  • Install Python and use both Python Console & Jupyter notebook for creating Python Scripts
  • Starting from scratch, build an expert level understanding of Python
  • Create your Python modules


  • PC/Laptop installed with Windows OS. You should be able to use the PC/laptop comfortably.
  • Some basic understanding of command line (Win CMD/Unix Shell) will help quickly picking up


This course is designed for both absolute beginners or people with some programming experience looking to learn Python which is one of the highest in-demand skills by employers in the IT industry. The key point which makes this course unique is that it is fast yet detailed. This course provides sufficient details to you to design and develop your Python solution. Unlike many other Python courses, This course is concise and you can complete it over a weekend.

If you are looking for a course which just not help you in getting started with Python but can also enable you to think in terms of automating the different repetitive task which you see around you, It is the right course for you.

Python Automation for Everyone || Learn Python 3 Course Site

Key Topics:

Python Installation and Configuration(Creating VM in public cloud included)

Python Overview (for Python Beginners)

Why Python is preferred (for Python Beginners)

Object Introspection in Python

How to utilize Python’s Interactive Help

Python Inbuilt Functions

Python Input, Output from Console

Schedule and Execute Python Scripts as

Python Programming Basics

The Python Data Types

Python Collections

List data Structure in Python

Set data Structure in Python

Python Dictionaries

Range and Iterations in Python

Python Functions

The Python *args and *kwargs

Python File handling

Exception Handling using Python

Python Modules

The Python Database Interaction

Python Scripting for Automation

Learn Python Scripting for enhancing office productivity

Python Programming is immensely getting popular and this course serves as a foundation and covers basic concepts of Python for beginners. So If you are a beginner in Python and want to explore carrier in Python Programming, You are most welcome to enroll in this course and take your skills to the next level.

If you know Python already and just want to advance your skills, this course is an excellent source to refresh your Python knowledge quickly

Who this course is for:

  • Aspirants seeking carrier in IT
  • IT Professionals to want to keep themselves updated with trending technology
  • Professionals who are planning to use Python for integrating/automate other products
  • Looking for Introduction to Programming using Python

Python Automation for Everyone || Learn Python 3 Course Site

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