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Shop Safety 101 – The definitive guide to shop safety

Shop Safety 101 – The definitive guide to shopping safety

An Extensive Overview of Best Safety Practices In the Workshop

What you’ll learn

Shop Safety 101 – The definitive guide to shopping safety

  • Learn best safe practices and behaviors for working in a metal, wood, or another shop at a worksite

  • Learn to safely perform an extensive selection of common workshop activities

  • Learn to clean, maintain, and organize the workshop while implementing proper safety precautions

  • Learn the relevant OSHA standards related to this topic

  • Learn how to work safer when doing work related to this topic

  • Increase your workplace safety and health skill set

  • Get certified and become more valuable in the workforce


  • No experience is necessary. Everyone welcome.


If you work in metal, wood, or other similar workshops, you already know how critical it is to work safely and smartly in the shop.

When safe practices aren’t followed in the workshop, it is very easy for injuries or worse to occur. We have decades of experience working in the shop and with the tools of the trade. We have trained thousands of workers in all facets of safety over the years.

This course offers an extensive guide to safe practices and behaviors in the workshop. We touch upon the most common activities performed in a workshop with an employer or at a job site.

A sampling of the topics we cover includes:

  • * Equipment storage
  • * Shop housekeeping
  • * Machine inspections
  • * Proper safety signage
  • * Correct operation of safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, and PPE
  • * Implementation of critical safety programs such as lockout tagout, hazardous waste, and first aid
  • * Safe use of powered hand tools and welding machinery
  • * Proper operation of heavy machinery in the shop, such as power presses and cranes, and hoists

All these topics and more are covered in our expansive collection of workshop safety topics. Get familiar with these best practices to be a smarter and safer worker in the shop.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone working in workplace metal, wood, or another shop.

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