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Developing Data Science Projects With Google Colab

Developing Data Science Projects With Google Colab

Use your web browser to make data science projects that tell the difference between fake and real news.

What you’ll learn

Developing Data Science Projects With Google Colab

  • It shows you how to use Google Colab through your web browser.
  • How to start a project in data science.
  • Machine learning: How to train and test a machine learning model.
  • How to use a machine learning model in your app.


  • To start, this class is not for people who have no experience with data science or machine learning.
  • People who know how to write in Python
  • Basic skills in statistics and machine learning.


This project is for anyone who wants to do Data science or Machine learning projects but has limited resources on his computer and a limited amount of time to work on them. Learn how to build and run a fake news detection data science project in less than two hours! This is a great way to learn about data science.

In general, you will learn,

  • how to plan a real-world data science project
  • get data for a machine learning model to train with
  • how to clean and process your information
  • learn how to make and train a model that can learn from your data
  • how to judge how well the model worked after it was trained

Finally, how to use the model in any real-life application of your own choice, as well.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who like or want to learn about intermediate data science and machine learning.

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