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Python Tutorial: How to Create Neural Networks

Python Tutorial: How to Create Neural Networks

The best tutorial for learning how to create and build a Deep Neural Network (DNN) in 90 minutes using TensorFlow and Python

What you’ll learn

Python Tutorial: How to Create Neural Networks

  • Students will learn about how neural networks function.
  • The students will be able to build and train deep neural networks using Python’s TensorFlow.


  • Python basics


This course has been specifically created to teach students how to create and train deep neural networks with no previous experience. Many students don’t have 8 to 9 hours to sit in front of a computer screen and study the fundamentals. We sometimes need to pick things up as fast as feasible. And this course specifically provides for that.

A thorough description of neural networks opens the course. The history of neural networks is then explained to the students. It then discusses the fundamental operation of a neural network. The next lesson in this course walks the students through setting up their workspace. In the last lesson of this course, you will learn everything you need to know to build and train a neural network with confidence.

The structure of the course is as follows:

1. A neural network’s definition

2. Neural Network Origin and Development

3. How Do Neural Networks Function?

4. Creating a Workplace Environment

5. Making a Neural Network

Anyone can create and train neural networks using TensorFlow in Python after learning these five lessons.

Who this course is for:

  • Who is interested in learning how to create neural networks using Python

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