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Complete HTML 5 + CSS3 Course for Teachers and Parents

Complete HTML 5 + CSS3 Course for Teachers and Parents

Using HTML 5 and CSS3 [Inline and Internal], you can easily learn hard ideas.

What you’ll learn

Complete HTML 5 + CSS3 Course for Teachers and Parents

  • Study the essentials of CSS3 and HTML5.
  • To create HTML5 and CSS3 code, use VSCode.
  • The learning curve in this course format is really straightforward, and it is intended for novices.
  • The simple building of a web page


  • Nothing. When students follow the course, they will learn everything.


Prepare parents and instructors who want to teach their wards and pupils the magical course of HTML. This course intends to teach HTML5+CSS3 to middle schools, i.e., students studying from grade 6 to grade 8.

Because the course structure is simple, it will be easy for a parent to teach his child or a teacher to teach students about the topics.

The introduction might be started by teachers or parents saying:

When you visit a website and read anything, have you ever wondered how information, photos, or other things are uploaded on the Internet? This training is for you if this question comes up. It will provide straightforward answers to your questions. You will learn how to include browser-viewable content.

Students often utilize widgets. You will learn how to make one in this course. In essence, this course will teach you to code in a more enjoyable way.

This course is intended for instructors and parents who don’t have the time to browse the Internet, understand the principles, and then instruct their students. They will find it easy to educate the children since their parents and instructors are competent in the fundamentals.

What participants in this course may anticipate learning from it:

  • This course goes over the basics so that you can feel confident using HTML and CSS elements and attributes.
  • Although you won’t be able to produce pages with a polished appearance, you will learn what is necessary to do so.

Before beginning to study HTML, students need to have the following abilities:

  1. experience with links and using a web browser.
  2. strong reading abilities.
  3. have the capacity to utilize a keyboard and mouse.
  4. They possess the ability to copy and paste.
  5. The VSCode editor is used to teach coding, so even if students struggle with typing, utilizing this editor makes things easier.
  6. They also need to know how to behave responsibly on the internet and be able to comprehend the guidelines for utilizing other people’s photographs and other materials if they want to post stuff online.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Parents who want to tutor their children
  • Teachers that are eager to instruct their pupils

Complete HTML 5 + CSS3 Course for Teachers and Parents

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