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Python for Cybersecurity – FreeCourseSite

Python for Cybersecurity – FreeCourseSite

Python without all of the extra hogwash

What you’ll learn

Python for Cybersecurity – FreeCourseSite

  • Use Visual Studio Code with proficiency

  • Create and run python files

  • Create interactive python programs

  • Use condition statements in Python

  • Use loops in Python

  • Write functions in Python

  • Understand Lists and Dictionaries in Python

  • Handle errors properly in Python

  • Write python programs that make API calls

  • Create python programs that communicate over a network using sockets

  • Hash Passwords

  • Check Password Hashes


  • No programming OR cybersecurity knowledge is required.


In this course, I will take a different approach to teaching Python. One that teaches error handling and interactivity from the first Python script. This is specifically catered to anyone interested in or learning cybersecurity, especially if you are scared of coding! A good number of software vulnerabilities have “input validation and error handling” as mitigation, By the time you are done with my course, you will fully understand what that means.

Also, there is no way that you can learn Python without coding and building your things. This is why I have several coding exercises ready for you to do! Although I encourage you to do something on your own that you are capable of each step of the way. Please don’t be scared to run into walls because you can only send them crashing down!

I also have another course called “Cybersecurity Prep Course for Absolute Beginners,” so please check that out if you are also trying to get into cybersecurity.

Python for Cybersecurity

Why do I take this approach to teach Python? One thing is that unless a program is interactive, it is boring. Another thing is that most applications, especially ones that are attacked, are interactive. User input is one of the most popular ways to exploit a program. Also, you will learn exactly why that is.

You may have also heard of an API. You will learn exactly what this is, and we will use Python to interact with it. This will allow you to understand the security concepts behind this.

Finally, I will show you the low level of how servers work because we will code our very own by teaching you how to use the sockets library!!

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in Python and cybersecurity. Those working in cybersecurity would like to learn how to program. Cybersecurity students that do not have Python in your curriculum.

Python for Cybersecurity – FreeCourseSite

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