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Learn how to use KNIME for Microsoft Excel users

Learn how to use KNIME for Microsoft Excel users

For novices, how to go from Excel to Knime

What you’ll learn

Learn how to use KNIME for Microsoft Excel users

  • Tasks may be transferred from Excel to KNIME.
  • You know, KNIME equivalent nodes exist for typical Excel activities, you know.
  • Excel-specific KNIME nodes may be used for data cleansing, updating, formatting, and visualization.
  • Your KNIME proficiency grows.


  • I’d advise you to start with my KNIME crash course for beginners.
  • KNIME may be downloaded without cost.


You use Excel often. Do you want to discover new and improved methods for working with your data?

So you’re already here.

Let’s be honest.

How can we make this procedure more enjoyable?

A fantastic tool that saves the day. KNIME provides us with a highly attractive drag-and-drop interface to do data preparation and data cleaning. No prior coding knowledge is necessary, although it is still possible if we want to utilize R, Python, or Java. So, although not required, we can code if we want to. KNIME’s adaptability makes it possible.

In this course, we provide the groundwork for your smooth switch from Excel to KNIME.

In particular, we discover how

  1. Excel data reading and writing (files, files, sheets, locations,…)
  2. upkeep of Excel sheets (appending data, overwriting cells, etc.)
  3. covering the Excel formulas that KNIME’s Vlookup, (Advanced) Filtering, etc.
  4. Excel Worksheet Formatting (Font, Background Color, Borders)

A KNIME visualization introduction will be provided.

Who this course is for:

  • You wish to switch from using Excel to using KNIME.
  • If you want to understand how to use KNIME’s logic with Excel formulae,
  • You want to learn a different approach to cleaning, converting, and visualizing your data in order to lessen your Excel stress.