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Master HTML5 Bootstrap5 & ReactJs From Scratch

Master HTML5 Bootstrap5 & ReactJs From Scratch

Learn how to use ReactJs and Bootstrap 5 to build any website.

What you’ll learn

Master HTML5 Bootstrap5 & ReactJs From Scratch

  • You will learn how to set up a local environment and how to install it.
  • You will learn everything there is to know about Bootstrap 5 and how to use the different CSS classes in Bootstrap.
  • Learn what ReactJS is and how it works, as well as how to use Bootstrap 5 with ReactJS.
  • You will learn how to use Bootstrap5 and


    to make a fully functional website.
  • Learn how to use Font Awesome Icons and Google Fonts.
  • You will find out what HTML and CSS are.


  • HTML’s basics


In this course, you’ll learn how to use HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 5, and ReactJS to make any kind of website.

The first thing we’ll do is set up our local development environment. First, we’ll learn how to set up the editor Visual Studio Code, and then we’ll set up the NodeJS runtime.

Next, we’ll make our first React app, and then we’ll learn how it works.

We will learn how the ReactJs project is set up in terms of folders, the ReactJs lifecycle, and how different parts work.

Then, we’ll add Bootstrap 5, Font Awesome, Google Fonts, and npm packages to our ReactJs project.

We’ll do all of this step by step by getting our hands dirty and using different Bootstrap 5 classes for different things.

We’ll make sure that our website looks good and works well on all kinds of devices.

This course is good for people who are just starting out. To get started, you only need to know the basics.

Who this course is for:

  • Learn ReactJs and Bootstrap 5 if you want to become a front-end developer.

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