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DevOps Masterclass with Terraform, Packer, Docker & Github

DevOps Masterclass with Terraform, Packer, Docker & Github

Use DevOps Best Practices to deploy an API for a real-world E-Commerce application.

What you’ll learn

DevOps Masterclass with Terraform, Packer, Docker & Github

  • How to use Terraform to set up infrastructure
  • How to put applications into Docker with Docker
  • Learn how to use Packer to make custom images for virtual machines
  • How to use GitHub Actions to set up a Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline
  • How to bring together different technologies to make deployment easy and automatic.


  • How things work
  • How to use Github and Git for programming.
  • Simple Networking with Bash


When making an application, deployment is often one of the last things to be worked on, and until recently, deployment was a very painful process for both developers and operations teams.

In order to do this, DevOps practices are now used by a lot of people. In a nutshell, DevOps is where development and operations meet.

Many different kinds of tools have been made to help with the hard parts of deployment, such as configuration tools, server templates, and infrastructure as code, to name a few.

In a lot of tutorials and courses, the focus is on learning and using each tool on its own, without any real-world context. This means that you will have to figure out how to use these different tools together on your own, which can be hard to do in the real world.

In this course, we will use a combination of the available deployment tools to set up an E-commerce Node API application with a custom SSL domain.

We’re going to use all of these tools together to make an automated deployment without any manual steps, like configuring infrastructure resources in the UI console. We’ll also have the benefit of keeping versions of our infrastructure in Git. This means that if there are any problems, we can easily roll back the infrastructure to a previous state.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers
  • Who wants to make a deployment of an API as easy as possible.

DevOps Masterclass with Terraform, Packer, Docker & Github

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