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Learn JavaScript, Get Hired | The Essentials – Free Udemy Courses

Learn JavaScript, Get Hired | The Essentials – Free Udemy Courses

JavaScript is the most in-demand skill. Get an extra advantage with this course’s special JS interview question videos.

What you’ll learn

Learn JavaScript, Get Hired | The Essentials – Free Udemy Courses

  • on the differences between function declarations, expressions, and arrow functions.
  • when the `this` keyword is relevant.
  • intricacies of types – coercion, null vs. undefined, truthy, falsy, and more.
  • how almost everything in JavaScript is an object.
  • the answers to a handful of tricky JavaScript interview questions.


  • The student can be a beginner to JavaScript.


If your goal is to learn JavaScript and get hired, take this course.

According to the 2018, Hackerrank developer survey, JavaScript is the number one skill that companies are looking for in the tech industry. After all, JavaScript is the language that runs in the browser. And almost every company does business through a web application.

JavaScript frameworks are also the biggest gap between what employers demand, and what candidates can provide. This is because JavaScript still isn’t a part of the core curriculum at many universities. Rising software engineers don’t have JavaScript skills unless they learn on their own.

Therefore, according to the statistics, learning JavaScript is the smartest choice for increasing your chances of landing a job.

In addition, this course is going to give you an extra advantage.

Here’s how the course journey will go:

  • First: the Basics.

    You’ll ramp on the console, syntax, objects, and other language fundamentals.

  • Second: Functions.

    There are a few ways to create functions. So you’ll explore those differences and important concepts like the `this` keyword.

  • Third: Types – Digging Deeper.

    There are some big questions about types: what is type coercion? How are truthy and falsy different? What is null vs. undefined? In this section, you’ll cover those questions and more.

The course is meant for newcomers to JavaScript.

In addition to the interview-question-based videos, there are resources like quizzes to help reinforce your learning.

Overall, the statistics say that investing your time in JavaScript is a wise decision. On top of this, this course is giving you a greater advantage by preparing you for the tough interview questions.

Who this course is for:

  • Newcomers to JavaScript.
  • Those looking to get a job in the tech industry with JavaScript.
  • Anyone who wants to review the tricky parts of JavaScript.

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