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Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint Through Designs

Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint Through Designs

Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and Making Designs

What you’ll learn

Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint Through Designs

  • Creating new slide decks

    Text can be added and formatted.

    Inserting objects and making them look good

    Placement of objects

    Objects can change shape.


  • If you already know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint, it will be easier for you to do this job.


It’s important to use presentations a lot in our jobs because they help us get things done. And in these presentations, we have to use a lot of designs and infographics to make them more attractive.

You can learn about the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 through infographics. It’s a course for people who don’t know how to use PowerPoint and want to quickly learn about it. A lot of the first part of the class talks about the basic tools we use in PowerPoint. The second part talks about how to design. This class talks about all of the tools that we can use in PowerPoint presentations, like charts and graphs. It’s very clear how everything works in this class. As a rule, if there is very little or no explanation of any of the tools, we don’t usually use them in our talks.

You will be able to:

  • Learn how to use some simple formatting tools.
  • Learn how to make copies of slides.
  • how to add and format text boxes, word art, shapes, lines, tables, and pictures
  • Learn how to add and change the shape and size of lines and shapes.
  • Learn how to insert, copy, edit and align objects
  • You learn about anchor points and how to use merge shape tools to make two shapes that look like one.
  • Learn how to create some basic designs

Who this course is for:

  • Newbies who want to make their own infographics for their talks.

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