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Learn how to code in Scratch: Make your games with blocks

Learn how to code in Scratch: Make your games with blocks

The easiest game development tool is Scratch, where you can learn to code and make your games.

What you’ll learn

Learn how to code in Scratch: Make your own games with blocks

  • They use Scratch, fun and simple game creation language, to create their games.
  • Loops, functions, and conditions are basic programming concepts that you should learn.
  • To get used to computational thinking, including planning, coding, and troubleshooting.
  • Use friction, gravity, and inertia in platformer games to your advantage.


  • No prior programming knowledge is necessary.
  • an account on Scratch
  • I have a lot of enthusiasm for game creation.


This course is for you if you like game design, have no coding knowledge, and want to create games using blocks. Join me as I go from beginner to advanced scratch knowledge! Through a set of 15 projects, we will learn how to create games, animations, and interactive tales.

You will discover in this course:

  1. How to create games with Scratch, a visual programming language
  2. The basic building blocks of programming are loops, functions, and conditions.
  3. Game design and planning
  4. Debugging
  5. Modern mechanics: inertia, gravity, and friction

You will produce:

  • 15 Scratch projects, from beginner to expert, include games, animations, and interactive storytelling.

Scratch is a fantastic tool for creating games and telling stories. Scratch is a fun and interesting tool for learning the fundamentals of computer programming and is designed for novice programmers without expertise. You will get knowledge of computational thinking, creative concept implementation, and game development planning in this course. Basic coding concepts, including loops, variables, conditions, and functions, will be covered. You’ll feel comfortable with coding ideas at the conclusion of this course, and you’ll be prepared to go on to a more complex programming language like Java-script or Python.

We’ll begin with an enjoyable project where we’ll practice using the moving equipment and donning various outfits. Then, we’ll cover conditions, if statements, and the eternal loop. A challenging running game and a sketching game are up next. Our next destinations will be Pong and Galaxy Attack, two vintage video games. These projects will teach us how to utilize variables and send and receive messages among sprites. We will then create a multiple-page platformer and a quiz game.

Learn how to code in Scratch: Make your own games with blocks

The last two projects will teach us how to create unique blocks that are more complex. We will use trigonometric operations like sine and cosine in the three sections of the analog clock project. Our final project will be a challenging platformer game with six distinct chapters. We will use inertia, friction, acceleration, and gravity to make the motions fluid and cursive. We’ll increase the level and add collision guidelines. The main character will gather things and list them. The game ends when the player reaches the green flag on the last page of the game. It will be thrilling!

Scratch is a fantastic tool for learning the fundamentals of programming and game creation, even if you’re new to coding! Try it out, and you’ll quickly discover how simple it is to create your projects and bring your ideas to life!

Who this course is for:

  • For a game developer who wants a simple introduction to coding.
  • Beginner game developer with no coding experience
  • Children may only benefit from the course if a parent or other adult is watching over their education.
  • Adolescent computer addicts’ parents