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Anti-Trafficking 101 + Allied Issues & Laws – Trafficking – Free Udemy Courses

Anti-Trafficking 101 + Allied Issues & Laws – Trafficking – Free Udemy Courses

This course will enable the readers empower on the topics of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence & Abuse against Women

What you’ll learn

Anti-Trafficking 101 + Allied Issues & Laws – Trafficking – Free Udemy Courses

  • Understand the trafficking landscape and identify different types of trafficking
  • Understand allied issues and causative factors
  • Be able to identify risky situations
  • You will be able to knowledgeably start discussing the topic


  • No prerequisites for taking this course.



To bring about behavioral change that will result in a reduction of trafficking, abuse, and violence against children and women.


To create digital training modules on anti-trafficking, safe village programs (SVP), domestic violence, and allied social issues that will build awareness amongst school children, women, the general public, NGO field workers, and every stakeholder in the society. These modules are proposed to be built in English and other 9 Indian languages in the first year, expanding into 5 other widely spoken global languages in the second year.


To build digital training modules that will:

  1. Build awareness amongst school girls and boys, women and men, and other community members on issues of human trafficking, violence and abuse, and other related issues.
  2. Facilitate self-learning for school children, teachers, and volunteers (Rakshak, Nodal Teacher, and Gram Mitra).
  3. Facilitate quality training of field workers and aid in effective implementation of the Safe Village Program.


It’s a known fact that trafficking, violence, and abuse are issues of grave concern in our country; in fact, that’s a worldwide problem. Regular awareness messaging is the only way to build a resilient society. While information dissemination at a mass scale has always been a challenge, the situation exploded to a greater proportion with the COVID pandemic.

Quickly adapting to the situation, My Choices Foundation (MCF), conceptualized the building of digital training modules. This proposed digital module will be globally scalable, replicable, and sustainable.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for people who have an interest in understanding human trafficking and other issues that impact society and will facilitate up-skilling for those who want to work for the causes of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, and Abuse against women.

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