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The Complete React Developer Course with Hands-On Projects

The Complete React Developer Course with Hands-On Projects

Through a Series of Practical Projects, Learn React JS. Create a calculator, a connect-four game, and an e-commerce website.

What you’ll learn

The Complete React Developer Course with Hands-On Projects

  • The Resources Required to Create React Projects
  • Building a Fully Functional Calculator in React Using React Props: An Introduction to Code Pen Functional Components
  • Using the React State Hook for React Debugging
  • A React Projects’ Introduction to JSX Styling
  • Event Reactions
  • Making an AI-Powered Connect-4 Clone Game for Single and Multiplayer
  • Using the Fetch API and the JSON Server Introduction
  • Building a Custom E-Commerce Site in React Building an Integrated Search Function with React Validating Forms in React


  • Basic knowledge of computers.
  • No prior programming knowledge is necessary. Everything you need to know will be taught to you.


The Complete React Certification course is open to you. This course provides a thorough introduction to ReactJS, one of the most potent and contemporary JavaScript libraries on the market. You have probably interacted with a number of online apps that utilize the React framework to build up user interface components, whether you are brand new to React or you have toyed with it in the past. Examples that come to mind right away include Netflix, Facebook, and Airbnb. React continues to be open-source and free.

Together with an autonomous developer community, Meta develops and maintains it. Developers may create enclosed components using React that effectively maintain their state and deliver UI updates, especially when data changes. Consider the automatic content refresh function you see on a Twitter feed or Facebook-like button, for instance. Here, when the data is changed, the UI component’s state updates without requiring a manual refresh. This is only one little yet effective UI feature that React includes.

The Complete React Developer Course with Hands-On Projects

The first part of this course examines React’s fundamentals and primary usage cases. We provide a succinct explanation of what React is and is not. The next section examines the tools you’ll need to get started, as well as JSX basics and a look at working React components. You will learn numerous crucial ideas via a comprehensive hands-on project, including responding to props, callbacks, OnClick Events, and passing arguments inside callback methods. You will have created a working calculator at the conclusion of the first lesson, complete with a display and numerical operators. We’ll also talk about crucial subjects like debugging and the React State Hook.

Students create a multiplayer Connect-4 clone with AI integration in the second module. Here, we begin with decorating the various game board elements before moving on to more complex onClickEvents. This covers inline, dynamic, and global styles. After that, we continue with passing and destroying props and responding to kids. Students will gain knowledge of lifecycle events, game startup, CSS variables, and conditional rendering in addition to important React attributes. By the conclusion, you will have created a comprehensive Connect-4 game that can choose the winner in both a multi-player and a single-player AI-based environment.

In Module 3, we extend the power of React by creating a full e-commerce site with multiple product categories, a product showcase, a shopping cart feature, and other features. Here, we introduce a number of crucial new ideas, including the JSON server, the Fetch API, and setting up the React router. The rendering of the product categories, the styling of the product list, and the configuration of the product details page will all be accomplished using these crucial building pieces. From there, we explore React’s “context” idea before diving into styled-components, rewriting the store layout, and more.

With that stated, we really hope you share our enthusiasm for this course. In such a case, click the enroll button. Let’s get going.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn how to create web applications with React
  • The use of JavaScript libraries to create functional UI components is appealing to students.
  • Students are drawn to React’s interactive front-end development.

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