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jQuery Image Slider Project JavaScript HTML CSS Carousel

jQuery Image Slider Project JavaScript HTML CSS Carousel

Explore how to make an image slider for your web pages with the jQuery Image Carousel component. This component rotates images at set intervals.

What you’ll learn

jQuery Image Slider Project JavaScript HTML CSS Carousel

  • Apply jQuery to make a project that is interactive and dynamic.
  • Use HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery to make an image slide show.
  • Creating a rotating image Carousel for the web.
  • Using jQuery, you can learn how to select and change elements.
  • JQuery shows how to add event listeners to web pages that have things that are interactive.


  • Web pages with HTML, CSS JavaScript, and jQuery.
  • Prior experience with coding.


Explore how to make a dynamic image carousel from scratch with HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery.

At the end of each lesson, there are challenges and tasks for the project. Code along with the lessons to make your own Image Slider. The source code is included, as well as a PDF resource guide that you can download.

  • Section setup details and information about how to start the project – resources and websites.
  • Create a list of Image Paths that can be used to put images on the Page. You’ll learn how to set up a testing array of placeholder images, change the images, and come up with a useful array of content for your page.
  • Random Image Colors is a tool that adds colorful images to the web page. Use JavaScript String methods to make a random color generator.
  • CSS styling can be added to jQuery.

The source code is also there.

It’s going to be taught by someone who has been working on websites for over 20 years and wants to help you learn about JavaScript.

Who this course is for:

  • People who work on the web.
  • Web developers: This is what they do.
  • Anyone who works with jQuery.
  • Coders who write JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use jQuery and Frontend coding.

jQuery Image Slider Project JavaScript HTML CSS Carousel

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