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ISO conforming Life Management System Foundation Course.

ISO conforming Life Management System Foundation Course.

Take control of your life, and learn how to get the resources you need to meet the challenges you face.

What you’ll learn

ISO conforming Life Management System Foundation Course.

  • Discover the basics of Life Management Systems (LMS).

  • Analyze and evaluate what LMS means to you and your life.

  • The ability to enjoy success and learn how to proceed with Life Management Training.

  • Improving your competence and confidence both professionally and personally.

  • Listening skills and enhancing critical thinking to improve rational decision-making.

  • Preparation for a more advanced study about how Life Management Training (LMT) can increase personal or professional effectiveness.


  • An open mind and appreciation of the implementation and application of standards or basic management systems.

  • On completing this course, you’ll know a successful system that focuses on sustainability, improvement, and success.

  • Worksheet templates are provided for the optional but encouraged exercises included within the course.

  • An interest in human behavior, human psychology, or emotional intelligence.


The Institute of Life was founded in 2013 to provide professional training courses to prepare people for life. Our training is influenced by Lifeism® and based on management systems (ISO standards) with internationally recognized policies, processes, and procedures leading to a Life Management System and training courses (LMS & LMT) that support and sustain a properly fulfilled life.

Life is an emergent knowledge, environmental psychology which simply put makes you smarter quicker by improving your understanding of your surroundings and their effect on your state of mind. Life is a philosophical belief that the environment shapes us and influences our consciousness. The better we are at meeting needs in different or changing environments is directly related to success through our ability to adapt or evolve.

This foundation course introduces how Lifeism fits into our training. Being simple and informative equips you with knowledge about how you can live your best life. By the implementation of standards and structure, you will be able to evaluate and improve your professional and personal life. The course will help you to develop your ideas into tangible plans with which you’ll be enabled to operate at higher levels. The LMS provides a structured approach by which you can contextualize aspects within your present commitments, then include your concepts or ideas to address any areas that may need change or improvement. The net result will be better well-being and increased happiness.

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in self-improvement and/or personal development.
  • Those interested in the implementation of standards or management systems to aid improvement.
  • The curious or those who enjoy discovering knowledge.

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