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NestJs with GraphQL and Prisma

NestJs with GraphQL and Prisma

Step by Step guide to building GraphQL APIs with NestJs, Prisma, and Apollo server

What you’ll learn

NestJs with GraphQL and Prisma

  • Creating GraphQL Server with NestJs

  • Basics of GraphQL
  • Creating CRUD(Create, Read, Update, and Delete) Operations with Prisma, NestJs, and Postgres
  • Creating GraphQL Server with Nestjs and Apollo


  • A student should know the basics of NestJs

  • tests knowledge is required to complete this course

  • Typescript knowledge is required



is an


ORM for Node.js and TypeScript. It is used as an


to writing plain SQL or using another database access tool such as SQL query builders (like


) or ORMs (like




). Prisma currently supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB and CockroachDB

You can find an in-depth comparison of the type-safety guarantees of Prisma and TypeORM

It embraces TypeScript to avoid runtime errors and improve productivity. The type-safety it provides goes far beyond the guarantees of traditional ORMs like TypeORM or Sequelize

Prisma integrates smoothly with the modular architecture of NestJS, no matter if you’re building REST or GraphQL APIs. It is typically used within your NestJS


to fulfill the data needs of the


Why Prisma and NestJs?

Embracing TypeScript

Prisma is the first ORM that provides full-type safety, even when querying partial models and relations.

Smooth integration

Prisma fits perfectly into the modular architecture of NestJS and provides a powerful database access layer.

Type-safe database client

Prisma Client ensures fully type-safe database queries with benefits like autocompletion – even in JavaScript.

Intuitive data modeling

Prisma’s declarative modeling language is simple and lets you intuitively describe your database schema.

Easy database migrations

Generate predictable and customizable SQL migrations from the declarative Prisma schema.

Designed for building APIs

Prisma Client reduces boilerplates by providing queries for common API features (e.g. pagination, filters, …).

Who this course is for:

  • NestJs developer who wants to build GraphQL Apis with Prisma and Nests
  • Nests developer who wants to learn how to build GraphQL Server with Apollo

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