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Java Course for Beginners with Practical Project Examples

Java Course for Beginners with Practical Project Examples

Obtaining valuable core Java programming skills with every lecture having coding challenges and Java certification

What you’ll learn

Java Course for Beginners with Practical Project Examples

  • Learn the Java programming skills practically that are needed to apply for Java developer job positions

  • Free source code books and real project examples can learn much faster and easier

  • You will learn critical Java programming skills that are necessary to start your career in development

  • Learn Java best practices from a professional developer & we cover all intermediate and advanced topics in this course


  • just commitment to learning Java programming


This course is designed for delegates who have covered the basic and intermediate levels of java programming. In this Java video course, you can learn from scratch with practical examples, assignments with every lecture, a free java code book, and a java project and become a Java programmer. Gain the best level of knowledge of Java programming to start a rewarding career. 30-day guarantee, Lifetime access, and certificate at completion. This course will provide in-depth knowledge of the collections framework, multithreading concepts of java, Managing Input/output Files in Java, and Managing Errors, Exceptions, Assertions, and design by contract.

Java Syllabus

Java Beginners:

3. Installing Java and Eclipse

4. How to Create Your First Java Program

5. Java Variables, Constants, Data types, and Keywords

6. PRACTICE Variables, Constants, Data types, and Keywords

7. Interactive Programming in Java

8. Exercises java user interactive programming

9. Operators in Java

10. Exercises Operators in Java

11. Selection Statements in Java If Else

12. Exercises Java Selection Statement If Else Part 1

13. Exercises Java Selection Statement If Else Part 2

14. Selection statements switch case in java

15. Exercises Java Selection Statements Switch Case

16. Introduction to loops in java

17. loop exercise in java

18. Java While loop and Do While loop

19. Nested for loop java

20 Nested while looping in java

21. Star Pattern Programs in Java

22. Number Pattern Questions in Java

23. Alphabet Pattern Questions in Java

24. Arrays in java

25. Conclusion Java Beginners

Java Intermediate:

1. How to create Classes and Objects in Java

2. OOPs concepts in Java with Examples

3. Java Class Creation

4. Encapsulation in java

5. Inheritance in Java

6. Types of inheritance in java

7. Overriding in java

8. Method Overloading in Java

9. Polymorphism in java

10. Project on HDFC Bank application in Java

11. Conclusion Java Intermediate

Java Advance:

Exception handling

1. Exception Handling Journey of Code in Java

2. How to Handle Exceptions in Java

3. Understanding Try Catch Finally in java

Collection Framework

4. introduction to collection framework and array list in java

Understanding collection framework, Array list code example

Set Interface and Types of Set Interface

Multiple implementations of Sets


Multiple implementations of Queues

Map Interface and various implementations of Map

Iterators and Implementation of Iterators

The algorithm in java Shuffle, Search, Sort


What is multithreading and multithreading implementation in java?

Lifecycle of a thread and thread methods

Stopping and blocking a thread

File Handling

Introduction to File handling and concept of streams

Stream classes, Operation on Files, and How the file handling Is Done


What are assertions, purpose, and benefits?

Writing assertion code


Project – beginners, intermediate

Project – advanced

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to take one course that covers everything you need to learn about Java programming

Java Course for Beginners with Practical Project Examples

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