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Revit 2022: Reinforcement Details Shop Drawings from A-Z

Revit 2022: Reinforcement Details Shop Drawings from A-Z

Shop drawings (reinforcement details) for an RC building from start to finish, from A to Z, using Revit Structure 2022.

What you’ll learn

Revit 2022: Reinforcement Details Shop Drawings from A-Z

  • Reinforcement details for shop drawings should be done in a professional way.
  • Reinforce every part of the concrete building (foundation, column, beam, slab, and stair).
  • In DWG, you can export Reinforcement Details Sheets to make them.


  • The basics of using Revit.


When it comes to making shop drawings (reinforcement details), Revit Structure 2022 will show you how to do it step-by-step from A to Z.

Our Reinforcement Details course is broken into six main chapters. It will help you understand how reinforcement details work on the Revit software, and it will also be a great reference for you if you need to make high-quality and beautiful reinforcement details sheets for another project.

This will show how to make professional structural shop drawings that look like they came from a real building (Reinforcement Details).

To get the most out of the course, it’s best to open up Revit and start working on it step by step with videos.

Finally, at the end of the course, you will be able to start your own project with Revit and make all of the shop drawings (Reinforcement Details) that you need for it.

what you’ll learn in this class

  • When you’re editing something, you can change the graphics that are shown in the view (By Element & By Category)
  • Patterns that are on the surface and that are cut
  • Change tools ( Align, Offset, Mirror – Pick Axis, Mirror – Draw Axis, Array, Rotate Move and Copy)
  • In this case, you can join options. Join Geometry, Unjoin Geometry, and Change the Order in which you join them
  • Create a Callout and a Section
  • Edit the Crop Region
  • Change the range of the view.
  • Edit the type of structural plan (up&Down)
  • Edit Visibility or Graphics to change how people see you.
  • A cover for structural reinforcement.
  • Reinforcement for the structure Rebar
  • It’s easy to change the size of your bar.
  • Browser with rebar shape
  • Edit the properties of structural rebar ( Partition, Shape, View the Visibility States, Dimensions and Image )
  • A set of structural rebar (Layout, Quantity, and Spacing)
  • Rebar Constraints for Structural Use (Edit Constraints)
  • Import an image of the structural rebar.
  • In the App Store of Autodesk (Instal Add-Ins to Revit )
  • Add a note to the Tag (Aligned Multi-Rebar Annotation and Tag by Category)
  • Then, add a note (Component Break-Line)
  • Annotate the dimension
  • Structural Rebar Flow Chart
  • There are a lot of things you can do with your schedule’s properties (Fields, Filter, Sorting/Grouping, Formatting, and Appearance).
  • The fields (Rebar Number, Bar Diameter, Bar Length, Partition, Reinforcement Volume, Add Calculator Parameter and Image).
  • In this case, we’re going to filter out ( Filter by Partition)
  • Sorting and grouping ( Sort by Rebar Number)
  • See how to make a new sheet (Load Title Blocks)
  • Change the Title Blocks
  • Print out (PDF)
  • People send things out (DWG)

Who this course is for:

  • Structural engineering is the study of how things are put together.

Revit 2022: Reinforcement Details Shop Drawings from A-Z

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