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How to pass IELTS Academic full course

How to pass IELTS Academic full course

Get the IELTS score you need to study in another country!

What you’ll learn

How to pass IELTS Academic full course

  • A 6.5+ grade is possible with the right strategies and tactics.
  • A short video that doesn’t waste time.
  • 2 sections are just for writing on the IELTS.
  • A bonus section on stress management includes practical techniques and exercises that can help you deal with stress before and during the test.
  • To be in charge of your time, you need to use time management strategies.
  • Opportunities to write feedback on tests, as well.


  • Basic English skills.
  • To get an IELTS of 6.5 or more.
  • Being able to set aside time for practice.


The IELTS is coming up soon, but you’re only getting a 5.5 or less when you practice. No, you don’t have to take the IELTS to get into a university in another country. Do you think you’re ready to book the test but don’t want to have to do it again because of a small mistake?

So now is the time to take this class!

To help you get a good score on the IELTS, we’ll show you how to do it in short videos that are also very useful. The course will look at each part of the IELTS ACADEMIC and look at the structure, evaluating criteria, time management, vocabulary, test example, and how to do well on the exam.

You need to know that even though this is a test that looks at your English skills, what you need to pass is STRATEGY. This is the main point of this class. Based on our experience, which has helped more than 200 students apply to international universities, you’ll need to deal with the stress well. This is why we decided to write a whole section about practical techniques based on positive psychology that you can use right now. These will help you calm down.

From This Course, You’ll get:

  • The tactics, strategies, and techniques to get a 7+ grade in the real world
  • Examples of tests for speaking, writing, reading, and listening that you can look at
  • short and simple videos
  • a bonus section on how to deal with your stress before and during the exam.
  • ?Assessments?
  • Videos that are in full HD and have the right colors and sound
  • the chance to write a test and get feedback
  • You will be able to watch a new video in the next few months.

You will be done with this IELTS class by the end of it.

  • feel like you are in charge of your time during the test
  • you feel ready to deal with possible problems during the exam.
  • feel relaxed and calm when you take the test.
  • have a toolbox of ways to deal with your emotions
  • bank 7+ at your IELTS should be your goal.
  • have something to practice on

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to study at a university in another country for both undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • They want to take the IELTS academic so they can get more credits at school.
  • Students who want to be able to deal with their stress before and after the exam.
  • They want to improve their English Reading.
  • They want to improve their English Writing.
  • English speaking students who want to learn more about the language.
  • Students who want to get better at listening to English in class.

How to pass IELTS Academic full course

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