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Interactive Brokers object oriented Python API course

Interactive Brokers object oriented Python API course

In this class, you will learn how to use the python API and the Interactive Brokers platform to make your strategy work for you.

What you’ll learn

Interactive Brokers object oriented Python API course

  • Install all the software that will be used by the API.
  • Open and set up your account so that it can trade automatically.
  • The basic structure of the API.
  • Financial instruments: Defining them.
  • Getting option chains back.
  • To find one price at a time.
  • Getting price streams.
  • Getting data from the past.
  • Creating a limit order.
  • Defining the rules for the market.
  • Put stop loss and take profit orders on them.
  • Retrieve the order status.
  • It’s best to put things in order of when you want them done
  • Finding out how much money or how much money was made and lost
  • Retrieving data on open positions.
  • How to make a strategy run all the time.
  • How to use OOP to talk to the API.


  • Python is a general subject.
  • General knowledge about how money works.


Have you mastered your trading strategy? Are you now ready to move on to the next step and have your strategy run itself without you having to do anything? Or do you want to try out new trading strategies on a fake account with fake money? This course will help you reach your trading goals, from setting up a paper trading account to fully automating your trades based on your strategy.

We’ll start by installing all the software you need. Then we’ll go over all the different account types and settings you need to make your strategy work for you on its own. This interface will be the main part of your trading app, and it will have a lot of general functions that you can use to communicate with the API. You will then be able to use these functions and classes to make your own strategy easier to follow.

This is what we will do at the end of the course. We will write an example app that trades the EUR USD forex pair based on the moving average indicator. I’ll show you how to make the script run all the time. Each part of the course will have a lot of videos where I write code and explain what it does. And each part of the course will come with the python file we made in the video so that you can try out the code yourself. Everything in the code will be written in a way that follows the PEP8 style guidelines. It will also be object-oriented, which means that everything will be easy to understand and easy to use.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for traders and programmers who want to learn more about how to use python to make their trading strategy work automatically on the Interactive Brokers platform.

Interactive Brokers object oriented Python API course

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